13-year-old boy granted a "Make-A-Wish" uses it to feed the homeless every month for a year

Abraham Olagbegi, 13, learned last year that he was born with a rare blood condition and required a bone marrow transplant. He received better news about a year later: his transplant had been successful, and he was now eligible for Make-A-Wish, an organization that grants wishes to kids with life-threatening diseases.

Abraham had an idea that he shared with his mother and wanted to make a wish that would stay forever. Abraham's mother, Miriam Olagbegi, recalled that moment to CBS News: "I remember we were driving home from one of his health appointments and he said, 'Mom, I thought about it and I really want to feed the homeless.'" "Are you sure, Abraham? I questioned. You are capable of so much. You're certain you don't want a PlayStation, right?"

The PlayStation did not captivate Abraham like it did many other adolescent lads. He was certain that he wanted to feed the hungry.

Miriam added that Abraham's father concurred that it was a great idea. Because we always attempted to teach giving into our children, of course we weren't going to miss a chance like that.

In September, Make-A-Wish worked with Abraham to plan a day of free food distribution in Jackson, Mississippi, using donations of food and materials from nearby companies. According to Abraham, they managed to feed roughly 80 individuals that day.

Some of the homeless persons would return after receiving the plate and sing to us in gratitude, he claimed. "Additionally, it makes us feel wonderful and warms our hearts. And my parents constantly stressed to us the importance of being a gift to others."

Abraham's request has not yet been granted. For a year, Make-A-Wish will assist Abraham in providing food for the homeless.

According to the foundation, on the third Saturday of the month, the Mississippi branch will collaborate with Abraham to identify local donors who can assist them get the food they require to serve up to 80 homeless individuals. They said that a nearby church and company had previously provided two meals.

Abraham intends to continue aiding the homeless once his wish expires in August 2022. His goal is to establish a nonprofit organization, which he has already given the name "Abraham's Table."

"Simply put, we're thrilled to be able to carry on with this project. It's simply so fulfilling, "said his mother. "I would want someone to think of me and do something special for me if I were homeless and living on the streets. So, that's what I try to teach my children, and we simply try to pay it forward by doing in the way that our parents taught us to."
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