Driver heard ‘weird noise’ in car, then Florida cops found it. And it was alive

We've all witnessed animals like dogs and cats seeking refuge under parked automobiles. These defenseless creatures may be in grave risk as a result of this. The same thing happened in Palatka, Florida. The narrative did have a pleasant conclusion, though.

The Putnam County Sheriff's Office published a Facebook message announcing the discovery of a cat squished firmly inside an automobile wheel. The post's administrators were baffled as to how the animal got there.

Nevertheless, the motorist heard a "strange noise" that alerted him to the animal's existence. He then informed the authorities.

The sheriff's office said that they discovered a little scaredy cat underneath the car but it was too terrified to come out.

Their fleet manager removed the automobile as swiftly as he could after saving the cat safely. Before the driver became aware of the sounds, the automobile had already begun to move. Local animal control facilities dubbed the kitten "Trooper"

Cindy Juarez had found a cat locked in her wheel well before in Los Angeles in 2018. Once more, she had been driving for a while when she finally noticed the animal. The kitten was so far down within the engine that neither the fire department, animal control, nor the authorized service center for the vehicle could get to it. Fortunately, a family friend meticulously disassembled the automobile and released the cat. Milagros means "miracle" in Spanish.

In 2016, a Hyundai Sonata driver in a quaint Virginia town named Beaverdam noticed a cat meowing from his vehicle. They then made the 30-mile trip to the dealership to pick up the cat. Thankfully, the drive did not harm the cat, and the mechanics had no problem taking it out. The mechanic called the animal Sonata and brought it home.

Kittens and other tiny animals frequently get into automobiles in quest of warmth. You may check to see whether they are inside your car by blaring your horn and slamming the hood. The loud noise generally scares any animals hiding inside it away.

Always carefully check to make sure there are no helpless children in your automobile.
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