Eindhoven students present car that captures more CO2 than it emits

An electric passenger automobile that employs an unique filter to absorb more carbon dioxide (CO2) than the vehicle generates has been created and manufactured by students at the Eindhoven University of Technology. According to a release from TU/e, the students will keep developing the Zem vehicle to make it carbon neutral from manufacture through recycling.

The student team TU/economotive created the vehicle. Through a unique filter, it can absorb 2 kilos of CO2 at 20,000 miles per year of travel. The group is now submitting a patent application for their filter.

The team claims that 10 of these vehicles can store as much CO2 as a typical tree. The scientists said that although it may not seem like much, if it were immediately implemented widely in each passenger automobile, the overall reward would be substantial. Ultimately, there are more than one billion passenger automobiles on the road today.

The team is confident that their filter will revolutionize society. Even though it's only a proof-of-concept right now, it's clear that in the years to come we will be able to expand the filter's capacity. In order to offset emissions during production and recycling, CO2 must first be captured, according to team leader Louise de Laat.

The students want their automobile to inspire the transportation industry to advance sustainability. Nikko Okkels of TU/ecomotive said, "We aim to stimulate the industry by displaying what is currently feasible. "There are potential and possibilities for the industry if 35 students can design, develop, and construct a virtually carbon-neutral automobile in a year."
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