For The Past 7 Years, Deliveryman Takes 92-yo Mother With Alzheimer’s On Rounds With Him Everyday

As children, it is only right that we take care of our aging parents. The man is performing his job while juggling a tight work schedule.

The 92-year-old mother of Sichuan resident Cai Yujun, who is 52, has dementia. It is now unsafe to leave her alone because of how bad things have gotten. Given Yujun and his wife's hectic work schedules, it is impossible to maintain continual surveillance for the condition.

Yujun and his wife put in a lot of overtime to support their household and family.

He thought the best line of action would be to bring his mother to work. Yujun must move regularly because of his job as a transporter. He added wooden boards to the back seat of his motorcycle to make room for his mother. To provide his mother a place to rest her feet, he also put wooden pedals. He also built his mother hemp seat straps to keep her attached to him and prevent her from falling off.

Everywhere he goes, his mother follows. According to Yujun, he doesn't transport goods all day and instead instead amuse his mother on the side of the road on days when business is sluggish. Yujun believes that because she has made friends along the road, it is better for her to be outside than of being cooped up at home.

For many years, Yujun has taken care of his mother and has never felt overburdened.

“Mom dedicated her life to the family,” he remarked with emotion, “so it’s only normal to take care of her for as long as possible, regardless of the challenges.”
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