Little girl’s rocking moves steal the show during choir performance, garnering 53 million views

She is completely herself in that way. She simply followed the Lord.

Some people have a spirit that erupts from them, making them a shining beacon in a world that can occasionally become gloomy.

When you first meet her, Loren Patterson's delight instantly becomes your joy.

When the 6-year-old Tennessee child sung "Old Church Choir" with her fellow church choir members after Sunday service, the song went viral in 2017.

You'll be aware at once.

Along with her quieter choir colleagues, Pink is the one who is stomping her feet, clapping her hands, and soulfully singing.

I have a heart that is overflowing when she sings, having been healed by the Holy Spirit. "Nothing's going to take my delight away,"

The video of Loren singing with the choir has been seen by more than 59 million people.

Jennifer Patterson, Loren's mother, told The Tennessean, "I feel like that video is bringing joy to others in a gloomy world." People from all over the world are contacting me.

Patterson hardly ever makes her social media posts public, but she did share the video with her loved ones.

She believes that through Loren, others would be able to witness God's love.

According to Patterson, it doesn't matter if just one person hears the gospel and discovers Christ's redeeming power.

She remarked that while she enjoyed dancing to the music, there was one particular reason the song touched her.

I can sing about Jesus, Loren remarked.

Patterson wasn't aware of the conversation during Loren's performance immediately away.

When she discovered that her kid was the topic of conversation, she wasn't shocked.

According to Patterson, that is wholly her personality. She was simply abiding by the Lord.

Numerous people were moved by Loren's performance, according to Mom.

According to Patterson, "I've gotten them from all over the world, stating they've been blessed in some manner. "I recall one woman who saw the film and reaffirmed her faith."

Zach Williams, who popularized "Old Church Choir" with his debut solo album, Chain Breaker, applauded Loren's rendition.

Williams was motivated to include the song on the record by his early experiences performing with his grandparents in revival services at rural churches.

It just takes one person to start something like that, according to Williams, and that young child captured the hearts and minds of people all around the world.

A video of Loren's stunning performance may be found here.

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