A rare Dog was Rescued by officers from a frozen lake

Spanish policemen cross a frozen lake to rescue a dog that is stranded in the frigid waters.

Wonderful and amazing policemen!

There are several examples of individuals enduring extreme weather to free imprisoned animals.

Two Spanish police officers went above and beyond the call of duty to dive through a frozen lake to save a dog caught in the frigid water, according to Reuters, who said that the event took place in Aragon, eastern Spain.

It was a difficult operation because the reservoir was clearly frozen and the police had to swim through ice pieces to reach the forlorn animal. According to reports, the region once saw a cold front with significant snowfall and strong winds.

Gandhi once said, "The way a nation treats its animals may be used to assess the grandeur of a nation and its moral advancement."

They capture the dog and lead it back to the shore after doing so.

Before they learned about the dog that morning, according to the police, it had been in the water for a "long period."

The dog was then able to swim back to safety thanks to him and a coworker, after which the three of them descended onto the land.

Thanks to the cops who risked the cold to save the dog's life, it is unknown if the dog was a stray or if it belonged to someone as a pet.

Heroes! They took a life-threatening gamble, and they may have gone badly. Happy that they both survived and saved the dog.

God bless those cops for rescuing the puppy that was frozen in the river!
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