Eddie Murphy agrees to pay Spice Girl Mel B $35,000 monthly child support for daughter, 15

Eddie Murphy has agreed to pay $35,000 a month in child support to Mel B, his ex-girlfriend and fellow Spice Girl, for their 15-year-old daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

As a result, the 61-year-old comic will now make an extra $10,000 a month payment. It was first submitted two years ago by Mel B, whose real name is Melanie Brown.

The former couple agreed to a new child support agreement after Mel B, then 47, requested more money due to a "change in income," according to court records acquired by The Daily Mail.

The new contract, which was agreed upon on August 17, describes Murphy as a "extraordinarily high earner."

Up until Angel reaches 18, the payments must be made retrospectively beginning in October of last year. Additionally, he consented to pay Brown's $10,000 legal expenses.

The court filings declare that "The parties agree that Respondent (Murphy) is a "extraordinarily high earner." The amount of child support shown below has been determined based on the minor kid's "reasonable requirements."

The lawsuit goes on: "As of October 1, 2021, Respondent shall begin paying Petitioner $35,000 per month in the form of child support for Angel. The first day of the month, child support is required and must be paid by wire transfer."

However, Brown will be liable for paying "add-on" expenditures for the adolescent daughter she shares with Murphy, such as health insurance, medical treatment, extracurricular activities, and educational charges.

A "substantial change of circumstances" is not a criterion for modification, according to the document, which also notes that the arrangement is a "non-guideline child support order."

Brown initially submitted paperwork for increased child support in October 2020, claiming that her income had significantly decreased.

According to the 2020 newspaper, "Up until lately, Melanie has been fortunate in her profession to preserve a decent lifestyle for herself and Angel." "Unfortunately, Melanie's income has significantly decreased, forcing her to seek first-time child support modification."

On April 3, 2007, Murphy Brown's 46th birthday, Angel Iris Murphy Brown was born to Mel B, who also has two other kids. On June 22, 2007, the singer's team announced that a DNA test had established Murphy's paternity.

According to multiple sources, Murphy, who already has 10 children with five different women, first resisted having anything to do with the child.

The Daddy Day Care star's mother, Lillian Lynch, played a significant part in Angel's reunification with her father in May 2017, and the father and daughter are now enjoying a strong connection, as Mel B addressed the matter in her 2018 biography.
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