7-year-old spots toddler drowning at the bottom of a pool and bravely saves him

Most individuals should be able to swim since it is a necessary life skill. And in this scenario, tiny Massiah Browne exemplified for everyone around him the value of early swimming instruction!

At the age of 7, Messiah Browne has been swimming for practically half of his life. According to the photos his family publishes on their Instagram account, the young child seemed to like his time in the water a lot.

Messiah noticed something strange while he was enjoying the pool at the WestLake Apartments in Sacramento. He instantly hurried to obtain assistance after spotting a toddler at the pool's bottom.

He told his aunt Savannah Martinborough, who is just 9 years old, what he had seen. She gave Messiah the order to rescue the infant from the sea right away. The 7-year-old dove into the pool as soon as he heard his aunt.

He grabbed his arm and returned to the top with him, as the 9-year-old aunt recalled. The 3-year-old had fallen into the pool and was ready to drown when the 7-year-old came to the rescue. The adults in the pool were informed about the youngster by the pair, and they quickly took action.

CPR-trained adults assisted in caring for the youngster until the Sacramento Fire Department could give medical care.

The little child's respiration had returned to normal by the time he was being brought to the hospital.

Little Messiah Browne ultimately managed to save a life, but despite his valiant deed, he claims he does not view himself as a hero. He does, however, mention that his mother regards the youngster as a hero! Messiah displayed incredible bravery and contributed to the saving of a life, thus she ought to.

The message from the 9-year-old and 7-year-old is for people to make sure that children are safe and that they are constantly being monitored when they are in the pool.
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