Rare WHITE Black Bear – “Spirit Bear” – Spotted On Michigan Trail

People can't get enough of a black bear that was photographed in Michigan at a rate of one in a million.

A white-colored black bear was seen on video by a Michigan trail camera in the western Upper Peninsula of the state.

A Facebook page for Yooper Outdoors #906, an Upper Peninsula trekking resource, posted images of the bear.

The post's caption read:

'Merry Bear Eve! A white black bear was seen on video in the Yoop! Extremely unusual, but you never know what May coming strolling into your bait!"

Although Department of Natural Resources officials have not independently verified it, they are quite certain that the enormous creature does indeed have white fur based on the photographs that were submitted to them and other local accounts.

Cody Norton with the DNR told Fox Weather:

"I found it to be simply too cool. Just witnessing an animal appear in one location rather than another is wonderful.

On some of the trail cameras we use for surveys, we've seen some cinnamon color phases as well as blonde and chocolate ones, which is also extremely amazing to watch. But bear populations tend to have more of those.

He stated that he thought the bear was young, putting its age at approximately two years.

According to the North American Bear Center, black bears with white fur are not albinos or polar bears. Instead, they are referred to as spirit bears, and it is thought that there are only about 100 of them.

The Princess Royal and Gribbell Islands are home to the majority of spirit bears, but outside of British Columbia, there is a one in a million chance that a black bear may be white.

Since there are so few spirit bears left, the discovery of a white black bear in Michigan has highlighted the significance of preserving and safeguarding endangered animals once again.

The occurrence serves as a reminder of the need of preserving a variety of healthy environments that may sustain a variety of animal species.

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