The Pair Of Turtles That Featured In ‘Rocky’ Are Still Alive And Kicking And Here Is Stallone With Them 45 Years After

Rocky was first presented to the public by a youthful, athletic Sylvester Stallone 43 years ago. People of all ages are familiar with the name Rocky Balboa because of the movie and the Italian Stallion, who went on to become renowned. When Rocky bought the turtles while dating Adrian at the pet shop where she worked, the classic movie featured a pair of turtles. The turtles, Cuff and Link, are surprisingly still alive and well, and some people believe they may even survive Sylvester Stallone.

The turtles from the first Rocky movie were included in a selfie that Sylvester Stallone shared last year.

Cuff and Link, the original turtles that portrayed Rocky's pets, were reunited with Sylvester Stallone last year. The actor took a snapshot from the Creed II set on his Instagram account, captioning it, "With my original comrades from the first Rocky... Cuff and Link, now roughly 44 years old!" The two may be recognized by longtime Rocky fans as they appeared in the first Rocky film, which was released in 1976. Since the turtles also made an appearance in Rocky II, Rocky Balboa, and Creed, Creed II is the sixth movie to include them.

Rocky purchased Cuff and Link from Adrian's pet shop in the first movie.

Several people may recall a lighthearted phrase in which Rocky said he wished Cuff and Link could sing and dance so he wouldn't have to box to support himself. The turtles were given back to the "real-life" pet store owner after Rocky was filmed and finished in December 1975. Joseph Marks, the owner, has reportedly kept them all this time.

The turtles are female and were five years old when Rocky was shot.

When Sylvester Stallone was exploring locations for the film Rocky Balboa one fall, the owner of the pet shop where the pair was purchased ran into the actor. "Should I walk over and say hello?" I pondered. I asked him whether he recognized me by tapping him on the sleeve. He claimed to. I received a call two weeks later," Joseph Marks recalled to the newspaper. The original couple was still alive and well when the movie's writers learned this, so they chose to include them in the story. The two turtle appearances in each of the Rocky sequels suggest that Stallone and Marks remained in touch.

The so-called red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans), which were the subject of the Reddit post by an ecologist, may live up to 50 years old with proper care. He said, "These cuties at 44 are doing well for their species.
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