George Clooney Wanted To ‘Give Back’ To His 14 Best Friends So He Gifted Them $1 Million Cash Each

One of Hollywood's top heartthrobs is George Clooney. However, since he wed attorney Amal Clooney, née Alamuddin, in 2014, the most eligible bachelor in show business has been unwaveringly off the market. George has demonstrated that as he enters his sixth decade of life, he's more happy taking things a bit slower today. The pair became parents to a set of twins called Alexander and Ella in June 2017.

This is not to say that George is in any way underappreciated in the entertainment world. He continues to be a fan favorite due to his amazing appearance, friendliness, and charity. A few years ago, it was reported that George gave $1 million to 14 of his closest pals. Since then, the celebrity has spoken out and explained the circumstances.

Not every celebrity would be so generous as to give $1 million to 14 individuals, but George is not your typical superstar. He concealed the fact that he had carried out this kind action in 2013, and it was only discovered in 2017 after his close buddy Rande Gerber went on the radio and shared his experience.

George did not, however, confirm or reject this information until he discussed his reasons for doing what he did in an interview with GQ in November 2020. His interview provides insight into George's character and demonstrates that, despite the star's image of flash and glamour, George is actually a regular guy with a unique personality.

The event originally came to light in 2017, when one of George's close friends, billionaire Rande Gerber, who also happens to be Cindy Crawford's husband, revealed to MSNBC that George had given $1 million gifts to 14 of his closest pals. Today said that Gerber continued by relating a tale that "very well sums up who George is."

He explained that on September 27, 2013, a group of them, known as "The Boys," were specifically invited to dinner at George's residence. Randy continued:

"A black Tumi bag, or piece of baggage, is placed in front of each of us at the table. Listen, I want you all to understand how much you've meant to me and how much you matter to me in my life, George starts to explain. I arrived to Los Angeles and stayed on your sofa. I'm very grateful to have all of you in my life because without you, I wouldn't be where I am now. Therefore, it was very vital to me that I pay back now, while we are all still alive.

Then he instructed the boys to unzip the luggage, which revealed a $1 million cash stash made up of $20 banknotes inside each. They were all shocked, according to Gerber, and enquired, "What is this?" George continued by saying that although they had all experienced hardships—some of them were still ongoing—they would no longer be concerned about their children or mortgages. Gerber stated that George had even paid all of the taxes on the money, making it a truly life-changing sum of money for some of the boys.

Gerber, who was already prosperous in his own right, attempted to reject the money, but George was astute and made another statement in which he stated that if Gerber didn't accept it, then nobody else would. Naturally, Gerber complied with George's desires and accepted the amazing present.

George, however, hasn't mentioned the event at all since it occurred, but in a GQ interview feature in November 2020, he talked openly about it. It seems that all started following the huge success of his movie "Gravity," where instead of receiving a salary, he and his co-star Sandra Bullock got percentages of the tremendously successful film's box office receipts. He had previously met Amal, his future wife, but they hadn't started dating and he had no family.

"I was an unmarried man. We were all aging. I was, like, 52 years old. Furthermore, the majority of my pals are older than me, he said.

In an interview with GQ, George gave an explanation of his motivations, saying, "And I thought, what I do have are these individuals who've all, over the course of 35 years, supported me in one way or another. They have let me sleep on their couches when I was poor. They gave me a loan when I needed money. Over the years, they have assisted me when I needed it. And I've assisted them through time. We're all close pals. And I reasoned that I wouldn't have any of this without them. We're all really close, so I just assumed that they would all be included in the will if I were to get struck by a bus. So why the f*** am I standing here expecting to be run over by a bus?

At that point, George got the original, only-in-a-movie notion to buy money to put in a bag and give to his devoted pals. In the interview, he continued to say that he needed to find out how to obtain such a large sum of money at once, which led him to "an secret place" in Los Angeles that trades in "huge pallets of cash."

He traveled downtown in a battered flower van, much like in a robbery film, where he took the vehicle down an elevator to a vault and removed the money. It appears that he only alerted his assistant and "a handful of security men that were s**tting themselves" about the situation. If anyone is going to pull off such a prank, based on his filmography, it's going to be George Clooney. The star's great kindness and compassion for his pals positively affected their life.

And it appears that the rules of karma took note of George's amazing deed. On September 27 and 28, 2013, George received the money, gave it to Amal over the course of two days, and on September 27, 2014, almost exactly one year later, they were wed! As Gerber said when he initially narrated the tale:

Good karma, right there, I tell you.

Now it's evidence that George is not just attractive, brilliant, and so many other things, but also a wonderful friend who understands how to support the people who are important to him. Alexander and Ella, twins born in 2017, are devotedly raised by George, who will turn 60 in 2021. Every day he continues to rejoice in life with his loved ones.
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