Baby elephant came to rescue her favorite human who she thought was drowning in a river

If you care about someone, you will go to great lengths to ensure their safety. In the elephant refuge, Kham La attempted to save her best friend who was a human, and the exact same thing happened.

Although this video first aired on the "elephantnews" YouTube channel in 2016, fans are still moved by it. One of the newest inmates of the refuge, Kham La, saved a guy she believed was drowning.

He was the elephant's good friend, Darrick Thomson, co-founder of the Save Elephant Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The organization runs the Elephant Nature Park, which is shown in the film.

A herd of elephants is passing by while Darrick can be seen swimming in the river. When he saw her beside the water, he cried out to his buddy Kham La. The elephant then rushed over to him, offering her trunk as a show of grief.

Kham La covered him with her body as she believed he was being carried away by the current. The elephant saving Darrick is one of the cutest animal-human interactions you'll ever witness!

Ben Goldsmith, a member of the social networking site Twitter, posted the video with a moving comment.

"This young elephant leaps across the river in a loving effort to help a man he believes is drowning. Sharing this planet with such animals is really a joy. It's such a shame that we have to share it with them, he wrote. The statement is perfect.

People's remarks on the thread that were moved by the elephant's acts were many.

It's tragic that animals frequently display greater empathy and love for people than do people. Considering that King Gargantua wrote.

"Animals have greater empathy and comprehension than people. They experience a wide spectrum of emotions, but not all of them are as bad as ours, such as judgment, self-pity, hate, etc., according to Marla Tauscher.

The popular video from the elephant sanctuary has received over 16 million YouTube views since October 13, 2016.

The refuge has consistently managed to win Kham La's love for Darrick. In this video, she merely has to hear her name to drop everything and rush to see him. She may be seen holding hands with Kham La as he guides Darrick through the park.

There is a solid reason why this newborn elephant treats Darrick differently. Among the 19 elephants saved from tourism in 2015 were Kham La and her mother, Bai Teoy.

Before being freed, the then 4-year-old elephant was subjected to torturous training known as "crushing" at the hands of her captor.

Darrick made every effort to help her forget the suffering and regain her faith in others since he saw how traumatized she must have been.

The employees claimed that after saving Kham La, he took the time to treat her and show her affection.

She quickly developed a close relationship with him and welcomed him into her herd.

The sanctuary has saved several elephants, the most of which are aging and physically weakened. They are given freedom to move about and interact with one another by the staff.

The organization's modest but lovely mission statement reads, "We believe that if we treat animals with kindness, they will reciprocate our love."

In the video below, Kham La "rescues" Darrick from the river.

Nothing is more gorgeous than these magnificent creatures, and they shouldn't have to endure human abuse. Make a donation to the Save Elephant Foundation to assist with the treatment of Kham La and other abused elephants.
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