Woman, 59, Garners ‘Attention’ For Growing Out 12-Inch Nails For 33 Years

Every single person is distinctive in their own particular manner, and some individuals seek to show off their individuality by dressing a certain way or using another means of self-expression. A 59-year-old woman from Gary, Indiana named Cordelia uses her 12-inch-long nails to reflect her distinct individuality.

Cordelia has been growing her nails since 1989 since they are such an integral part of her personality and were inspired by her own mother, who had long nails. And while 12 inches may seem like a very long time to some people, Cordelia has had them much longer on occasion. Although they had formerly been as long as 16 inches, her current regular length is 12 inches.

Cordelia not only expresses herself through the length of her nails, but also paints on them. It is understandable that Cordelia would take the time to ensure that her talons appear beautiful given that she also works as a cosmetics artist and nail technician.

While she doesn't have a favorite nail, she did admit that one of her favorite designs was on her ring finger, which had a vibrant stained-glass window pattern. Each nail has an own vivid design. It might take between 10 and 30 minutes to paint each nail, depending on how complicated the pattern is. She ends up running over each design rather than erasing the previous one since it would take up to two and a half hours to remove all of the polish — or paint, which Cordelia uses instead.

Even while Cordelia has always had nails, she joined TikTok in the thick of the epidemic in 2020, and since then, they have helped her become more well-known online. She currently has over 13 million likes and over 954,000 followers on the app. She rose to famous specifically because of a how-to video in which she demonstrated how to wash her hands, including the nails. There have been almost 17 million views of the video.

She received a barrage of inquiries regarding her daily routine after people watched the video. She acknowledged that even though she was accustomed to them, they occasionally impeded her progress.

Cordelia uses her knuckles to assist her with regular duties like cleaning the dishes. Her four fingers, which don't include her thumb, may be conveniently tucked back against her arm so they won't get in the way.

However, not everyone likes her nails, and many individuals have written unfavorable remarks about her. Cordelia doesn't let it discourage her, though. She is confident in her own skin and understands how she wants to express herself. She shared the following when she featured on the video segment "Hooked on the Look":

The attention, I'd have to say, is the finest aspect about having really long nails.

When asked if she would ever go back to having shorter nails again, she responded with a response that was obviously extremely tied to her amazingly long talons:

"I wouldn't ever think of cutting my nails short again. Not at all, no."
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