Baby born with full head of gray hair wins the hearts of all around him(3 photos)

The majority of expectant mothers in the Western world may now view amazing 3D photos of their children while they are still developing in the womb thanks to modern technology.

These incredible scans have eliminated much of the uncertainty over the gender and appearance of your unborn child.

However, the color of your baby's eyes, the amount of hair they will have, and their skin tone cannot be determined by a doctor.

Bence's birth in a hospital in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, leaving his parents speechless and the medical staff baffled.

This adorable infant was born not just with a full head of hair, but also with gray hair.

Doctors undertook a series of tests to identify the culprit, and being the third child born to his parents, they pondered what would have caused this real-life Benjamin Button.

However, Baby Bence was a healthy 12-pound infant who was delivered chilly and showed no signs of pain.

Doctors were ruling out a variety of potential explanations, including albinism, the hereditary condition that results in the skin, hair, or eyes having little to no color, while his parents were ecstatic at the arrival of their happy, healthy boy.

Other possibilities that were ruled out were stress or worry brought on by the mother during pregnancy.

Doctors claim that white hair in newborns is typically a hereditary condition. According to, it is frequently brought on by a vitamin B12 shortage or even by mutant hair cells.

Whatever the cause of this unusual coloration may be, Baby Bence is not only capturing the hearts of online users, but also the medical staff, who have given this adorable infant the moniker "Prince Charming."
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