Dad Asks 7-Year-Old To Be His ‘Best Man’ Not Knowing This Boy’d Reveal Truth Forcing Tears On All

The maid of honor and best man, in addition to the bride and groom, are significant participants at weddings.

They are carefully chosen by the newlyweds because they will be their closest allies both during the preparation process and on the big day.

If not, one of the groom's male relatives, such as a brother or cousin, will often serve as the best man. It should come as no surprise that the groom's 7-year-old son serves as the best man in this tale.

You read it accurately; it is true. Best man at this wedding is a youngster! Normally, one would assume that it would be disastrous; how could a young person do this function properly, and most importantly, what would he say?

Evidently, quite a bit for the young best man.

Vincent del Bono was selected by Nick del Bono to serve as his best man during the wedding. Why is clear to see.

Such assurance in a young child was unusual to observe. Vincent grabbed some paper and hurried to the podium to deliver his speech.

He usually began by introducing himself to the crowd.

I'm Vincent del Bono, in case you don't already know me, and I'm my dad's right hand man.

I'm also a ladies' guy," he immediately added, flashing a sinister grin.

At this assertion, the audience laughed and hooted. This youngster gave a really exciting introduction!

The child added a few more amusing comments before moving on to the more serious portions of his speech.

Whether or not my father is a true superhero, he is still my idol. He lacks the ability to fly, yet he still possesses superior powers.

During this scene of the program, Lauren consoled his dad while trying to contain her tears.

He looks after me while I'm ill. He tells me a tale every night before I go to sleep. He also taught me how to throw a baseball and ski, among other things. He always makes me chuckle when he attends one of my games. His affection for me is what matters most. In my opinion, such qualities make him a superhero.

This time, Vincent not only took the stage, he completely owned it with his heartfelt and sincere words of gratitude for his father. He remembered to thank the bride, as any decent best man would.

Lauren seamlessly blends in with the rest of us. There is no other girl I would want as a member of our three silly bums because she is goofy with us, takes care of us, and can hang with the fellas.

It is obvious that the bride is moved to tears by Vincent's youthful expression of affection for her.

A toast to the newlyweds was made by the audience after the boy's final tearjerker.

"Dad, you are my best friend, and I couldn't be more honored that you asked me to be your best man. I cherish the fact that we are all a member of the del Bono family the most. My affection for you people is endless.

There was no doubt that this father and son had a unique relationship. Following his speech, Vincent raced into Nick and lifted his kid to give him a bear hug.

This is fantastic! Like real best friends, Nick complimented the youngster and gave him a high-five.

What a lovely speech, and what a wise youngster! These beautiful statements highlight how beautifully Nick nurtured his kid and how his upbringing was filled with pleasure and love.

In the video below, Vincent gives the BEST best man toast EVER!

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