Tattooed Mom With Over 800 Tattoos Struggling To Get A Job As Businesses Won’t Hire Her(video)

Tattoos are a fantastic method for someone to show their creativity since a distinctive piece of body art reveals their appreciation for art. People may inquire about the motivation behind a particular tattoo, which makes it a wonderful conversation starter.

Even though getting a tattoo is becoming more socially acceptable in the modern age, with more and more professionals in various professions showing off their inked bodies, there are still some people who may have gone too far in their decision to cover their skin with tattoos, to the point where no employers would even consider hiring them.

This was the situation for a mother called Melissa Sloan, who has over 800 tattoos on her body and was in severe need of employment because no businesses would give her the sort of work she desired.

The mother of two stated that she first got tattooed when she was 20 years old in a 2022 interview with the Daily Star. Since then, she has continued to get tattoos.

She had a variety of artwork designs, such as spiderwebs, crosses, cursive writing, and more, most of which were created by her partner at home. They referred to the style as "prison style."

Sloan stated that she became "addicted" to getting tattoos at the time of the interview and said that she would get more than three of them per week.

Sadly, because she was no longer able to find work, her weekly ritual took a turn for the worst. She also tried to apply for a job cleaning toilets close to her home, but they wouldn't hire her because of her tattoos.

Sloan mentioned later in the chat that she had prior employment experience; it included cleaning bathrooms. It didn't last long, though.

According to what she said to the source, she would accept any job as long as an employer was ready to work with her. She said, "If someone offered me a job tomorrow I would go and work - I would take that offer."

The woman continued by saying that because she couldn't fit in with society, she expected this type of treatment from other people. Sloan however maintained her composure and refused to cover up her tattoos despite not having access to suitable employment.

They don't need to pay attention to me. But I'm not leaving," she continued.

Sloan's personal life, including her attendance at her children's school, had been impacted in addition to her difficulties with her professional life. Sloan asserted that she was supposedly expelled from her children's school in a different interview. The pupils performed a children's nativity play at the time, which was around the Christmas season.

She was forced to "go to the back garden" and see the performance through a window since the teachers would not let her watch her own children perform because of the way she looked.

She said, "I feel very envious since I can't attend the Christmas fayre and I know how they're (teachers and parents) treating me.

In addition to the school, she had been refused entry because she had "gone too far" and tattoo artists had turned their backs on her because her face was "beyond help."

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