Video Captures Dog Kissing Firefighter Who Saved Him After He Got Stuck On A Roof

The appearance of Alaskan huskies is highly distinctive. They are hard to miss because of their bulky fur coats. And who would fail to see one perched on a roof? Unwisely, one unlucky dog by the name of Jasper decided to crawl out of an upper-story window and inspect the roof.

Although they are regarded as man's closest friend, dogs can cause problems. Of course, every pet owner wants to keep their animal companion secure, but occasionally the unlucky occurs. In May 2018, Jasper experienced this.

Jasper, poor Jasper, found himself unable to descend as the Maine gusts picked up. It would be difficult for human hands and feet to move backward from the roof to the window. It was impossible for a dog's paws to complete the task. Thank goodness, someone saw Jasper's situation and dialed 911.

The chief of the neighborhood fire department, Jeff Nawfel, immediately took action. He got to the four-legged adventurer Jasper on top of the roof and assisted him in getting out of trouble.

The husky was ready to express his gratitude as well. Officer Steve McDonald was able to film the rescue and was able to record the dog's endearing response as soon as he was saved.

The dog began to lavish the fireman with lots of love. Jasper raced back and forth and wagged his tail while the captain struggled to open the window. The dog approached the captain and offered him a kiss as a token of appreciation for all of his hard work. The dog's appearance as he licked the firefighter's face added fun and emotion to the film.

A dog that was caught on someone's home's roof in Maine prompted multiple calls to the local authorities, according to Inside Edition. The first responders moved into action right away and headed to the house to free the trapped dog. The Alaskan husky Jasper looked to have climbed out of an upper window and scampered out onto the roof.

Firefighter Nawfel said that he had never performed this kind of rescue before, but he finally assisted in luring the dog back inside the house where he was secure.

But first, Jasper gave the fireman captain a heartfelt kiss on the face to indicate how much he was appreciated!

The Wells Police Facebook page shared a video of the rescue in May 2018 and it quickly gained a lot of public support. While some individuals commended the fireman for his bravery, others remarked on how priceless the husky was.

"This is my friend's dog, Jasper, and this is not the first time he has done this. He just loves to be outside, they must have forgotten to close the window," said Erin Fenderson. "Thanks for rescuing him!"

It was fortunate that the fire department could send a vehicle to the spot without delay. Even though the incident was caught on camera, Jasper wasn't in a secure environment. He didn't have much room to move because of the roof's slender ledge. Thankfully, both Jasper and the firefighter were unharmed.

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