Woman adopts 21-Year-Old Cat a.ban.doned by Owner to give him best remaining!(7 photos)

You two had a beautiful connection that was characterized by affectionate hugging and a lot of love! 

What a Blessed and Beautiful Couple. 

He spent his entire life knowing love, happiness, and a great, safe home. You are all amazing individuals. You and I shall cross paths once more. 

Tigger, a 21-year-old cat, was a.ban.doned by his owner at a nearby veterinary clinic when his life came to an end. He couldn't understand why he felt sad and frustrated.

There was also Adriene Nicole, however. Adriene decided to adopt him after reading his tale on the (Facebook) group.

She brought him home from the shelter so that she could show him the love he required.

Adriene quickly learned that Tigger was suffering from an internal infection and a tumor the size of a golf ball.

Adriene was unfazed: "He kicks it like a 12-year-old even though he has a real lure and we found a tumor."

At that age, he's still a gorgeous cat; congrats, kitten, on your new home!

We made a list of unusual tasks to put on Tigger's bucket list, she said.

He loves being outside, so even the smallest excursions are fun for him. His current favorite outdoor activity is going to the beach.

Her life's last few years were extraordinarily meaningful because of her narrative.

The story of Tigger is a beautiful illustration of how lovely it is to adopt an elderly pet and provide them the best care possible during their final days!

We hope he will influence the minds of others who are thinking about adopting senior pets! 

Fantastic for adopting the infant and showing him love. Deity is beaming.

I'm so pleased you got to join her trip and that she had a bucket list.

Thank you for the caring and affection you showed the adorable Kitty Tigger throughout his final few of years, making them both comfortable and special.

God bless you for saving this very elderly, lovely cat and showing him all the unique love you all have. Also, God bless your spouse and other cat.
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