Diver saves humpback whale’s life – but it’s the way the whale thanks him that’s fascinating millions(video)

James Moskito, a professional diver, was working with a group of volunteers at the Farallon Islands, which are located off the coast of San Francisco.

At the water's surface, he noticed a humpback whale performing suspiciously.

As James continued to observe the whale, it became increasingly obvious that something was amiss. Typically, whales only surface for a brief period of time to breathe.

The whale rose on a breath, raised its head, raised one eye above the water, and then turned to face me. It simply stayed there, and I could know it was staring at me, James stated.

James made the decision to swim over to the whale.

I'm here to assist you, he said as he placed his palm over the creature's eye. You won't be wounded by me.

James then swam around to the whale's opposite side, where he was astounded at what he discovered.

A 3,000-pound anchor was fastened to the whale's tail.

Hours were spent working painstakingly to liberate the lovely animal from the mile-long chain that was around it and pulling it down by James and the other courageous divers.

After considerable effort, the team finally saw success.

The whale began swimming figure eights around James as it circled him.

Then, as if to express gratitude, it brushed up against him.

Do you ever wonder how sleeping whales manage to breathe? Humpback whales, unlike humans, must deliberately remember to breathe, even while they are asleep.

Whales probably turn off half of their brains at a time as they sleep so they can still be awake enough to breathe, according to Animal Planet.

I find it incredible how committed and diligent these men were in trying to save this lovely animal.

James' conversation with the whale can seem weird to some people. However, whales have sentiments and perhaps comprehend more than we realize.

Whales have the same specialized brain cells involved in processing emotions as humans and primates, according to research from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.

Therefore, we can say with absolute certainty that the humpback whale was appreciative of all the assistance it got. If you agree, please tell others about this excellent animal rescue!
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