Parents share photos of their beautiful twins with Down syndrome to show ‘upside’ of condition(5 photos)

Unfortunately, not every kid is physically or cognitively perfect at birth; some infants may have health issues that might impair how they develop into adults. They are still flawless in their parents' eyes, though!

Twins Milo and Charlie McConnel both have Down syndrome. A certain chromosome triples in size rather of doubling to cause Down syndrome. Developmental issues brought on by the genetic abnormality include somewhat impaired cognitive function, delayed cognitive development, a distinctive facial appearance, and other associated issues.

Dan and Julie, the parents, have decided to accept their children's situation rather than bemoan it.

In an effort to demonstrate the "benefits" of the condition, the couple frequently uploads pictures of their gorgeous twins on social media. These images illustrate the difficulties, rewards, and real-life experiences of parenting kids with Down syndrome.

"I'm hoping to draw families whose children have been diagnosed with Down syndrome since it can be a really dreadful time. I'm hoping people will stumble upon us and realize this is what life can be like," said Julie. "It's not terrifying, it's full of love, and it can be enjoyable. I really wish others can see how happy and without regrets we are in our life.

It is undeniable that the twins are building a community for parents of children with Down syndrome—a safe space where they can share their experience, as well as learn more about others' experience—even though some people may disagree with their actions or that the twins are beautiful in their own way.

They take a bit longer to reach milestones, but when they do, Julie said, "we rejoice like no other parents alive." When they succeed, "we throw a celebration and we are really happy for them,"

Their father continued, "We hope that they will see us and remember us and that things will continue to improve in our communities with plenty of acceptance. It's important to let people know that we are here and that there are all these kids in our neighborhood.

"It's an exciting moment to have a kid with Down syndrome," said the parents, "because we're standing on the shoulders of previous parents who paved the road for all these things to happen.

I want to watch them mature and follow their passions.
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