John Travolta ‘Ensures’ His Children Will Thrive Despite Family’s Heartbreak(photo)

According to, John Joseph Travolta was the youngest of six children who grew up in Englewood, New Jersey, with parents who worked in the entertainment industry. He was born in 1954. Early on, the aspiring actor made the decision to follow in his father's footsteps and pursue a career in entertainment, quitting high school at the age of 16. Soon enough, in 1972, he had secured his first role in an off-Broadway show before joining the cast of "Grease" on Broadway as a replacement.

In a series of movies, including "Saturday Night Fever" and "Grease," the heartthrob broke onto the Hollywood scene, soon becoming a rising star. And despite the ups and downs in his career, he always succeeded in returning to the top.

Unfortunately, John and his family have had a challenging couple of years as his wife of almost three decades, actress Kelly Preston, passed away in July 2020 after a protracted fight with breast cancer. Since then, the famous actor and his daughter Ella Bleu Travolta have both publicly lamented the loss of the family.

After spending some time to grieve privately and to support his daughter and son, Travolta started to return on social media in the latter half of 2020, frequently expressing heartfelt remembrances of his late wife and paying homage to her legacy. Travolta continues to spend a lot of time with his kids in 2022. Continue reading to learn how the Hollywood star is raising his family in the absence of his late wife.

After Preston's two-year "courageous fight" against breast cancer, which she'd kept secret, Travolta was the one to break the awful news to the world in July of 2020. Sadly, despite the best efforts of all the doctors involved and her own willpower, cancer ultimately prevailed. Travolta wrote on Instagram as follows:

"I must tell you with a sorrowful heart that my lovely wife Kelly lost her two-year struggle with breast cancer. With the love and support of countless people, she bravely fought for her life. My family and I will always be grateful to her MD Anderson Cancer Center medical team, all the hospitals that have assisted, as well as all of her friends and family who have supported her. Kelly's life and love will never be forgotten.

He continued by announcing that he will take time off to be present for children. As they all lamented Preston's loss, Ella Bleu and Benjamin said:

Please excuse me in advance if we are silent for a bit. I need to take some time to support my children who have lost their mother. However, please be aware that I will feel your love in the next weeks and months as we heal. JT, I love you.

In a 2021 exclusive interview with Esquire Mexico, Travolta talked openly about the loss he and his family were going through.

"Grief is individualized, and the key to healing is to find your own way. The road I'm on is different from someone else's, he remarked. The most crucial thing you can do to support somebody going through grief is to give them the room they need to do it without interfering with their path with your own.

Even though Travolta's two children, Ella, 22, and Benjamin, 11, are getting older, he still plays a significant role in their lives.

According to Travolta, he will do everything in his power to support his kids. He stated:

"Letting someone else experience their grief without interfering with their experience is the most crucial thing you can do to support someone else when they are grieving. That's what I've noticed.

The famous actor continued, "I will secure the future of my children and assist them in pursuing their goals in life." "I do that with Ella today with her films and educating her to work in the profession," he continued. Ben is just turning ten. Since he has his entire life ahead of him, I want to assist him in evolving.

The easiest way to stay up to date with Travolta and his family is to follow him on social media. The celebrity has around four million followers on Instagram. On his page, fans and followers can see cute videos of their daily activities and way of life. He provides assistance to his kids on the site as well. Fans can download and listen to his daughter Ella's brand-new song by visiting the link in his Instagram bio.

The family is well-liked online, with comments like "Beautiful family, Ella looks so much like her mom there."

Many people leave comments on his page saying, "I like the family video. Life is amazing all the time.

Despite the tragic death of Travolta, the family is content to be together and appears to be closer than ever.
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