Bride Sparks Joy By Asking Her 92-Year-Old Grandma To Be Her Unconventional Flower Girl(video)

Many young girls imagine their wedding day and make plans for how it will go. A carriage carried by horses? At the end of the aisle, is there a handsome prince waiting? Best pals' favorite color-coordinated flower bouquets become bridesmaids?

Brides have been more creative in recent years, especially when it comes to personalizing and customizing the customs. One example of this is their ability to turn an overdone theme, like cupcake cakes, into something unique and exciting. Social media has captured every wedding industry innovation, whether it's using the family Labrador to carry the rings down the aisle to the officiant, hosting a silent disco dance party at the end of the evening, or giving out goodie bags filled with slippers and pain relievers for sore feet and hangovers.

A bride from Minnesota organized something really unique for her wedding. While most wedding celebrations feature emotional moms and dads escorting daughters down the aisle, she had an idea for how to include one very particular senior into her special day.

In December 2016, the 27-year-old North Mankato resident became engaged to her fiancé, Dustin Mershon. Like any modern bride, he proposed on their one-year anniversary, and the couple announced it in a short video that they posted to Facebook and sent to relatives.

But the couple's tale would not just captivate the internet during that adorable footage. One 92-year-old grandmother was among the wedding guests who nearly stole the show as the two eventually tied the knot on July 1, 2017. Rather of being irate that this grandmother was receiving all the attention, Georgiana "Abby" Arlt witnessed her well thought out plan come to pass. Considering the unique role Grandma played in her wedding, this is just the response she was looking for.

Abby had gathered her family a few months before to her wedding to talk about the big day. This was the day they organized a "grand entrance" only for grandma, who was quite special.

Georgiana Arlt, Abby's 92-year-old grandmother, has never attended a wedding before. The bride told PEOPLE how she told her close relative about her intentions. Mershon said, "Everyone screamed, but she shrieked at the top of her lungs." She insisted again that she had only ever attended her own wedding previously. She was so happy.

The bride had made it known that Georgiana would be her flower girl. The position was plainly unexpected, because younger family members are often assigned to these kinds of jobs.

On the big day, even Abby was thrilled to see Georgiana surprise the guests with her floral-adorned walker and pale blue tuxedo. She herself was compelled to take a quick look. She recalled, "I told my girlfriend that I had to look out the window even though people might see me when I was hiding in the club house." "I said that I had to witness this unique moment and that I didn't care."

"Some may say that my 92-year-old Flower Girl was the highlight of our wedding, but honestly, marrying Dustin Mershon was my highlight and I couldn't be more proud to be his wife!!!" the bride said in a subsequent post on the event. We are appreciative of everyone who followed along! We are extremely grateful for all of your kindness and assistance. We hope for the best for the happy couple as well as for Grandma.
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