We Found A Poor Cat A Abandoned By His Owner, The Poor Cat Has To Face With Miserable!(3 photos)

This image was submitted to us through message from someone. This poor cat is despondent, his eyes are filled with misery, and he is in terrible shape. The owners have left him on the street while he is unwell.

He requires people's assistance, consideration, and sensitivity. He was really ravenous!

We brought him to our house, where we provided him with a comfortable bed, food, and drink. He slept well, as though he hadn't slept in a while.

He looks better the next day after returning home.

We recently brought him to the veterinarian, who diagnosed him with eye infections, intestinal worms, and overall frailty. That makes me sad.

We used an eyedrop to clear his eye.

Afterward, his health had improved after two weeks. He had the name Charlie!

Just see how much he has changed. That’s great.!

Of course, we keep looking after him.

Charlie now resided in the happiest house of his whole life and had a new owner.
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