102-Year-Old Woman Sees Footage Of Herself Performing In The Thirties For The First Time(video)

Alice Barker, who was 102 years old at the time, saw a video of herself moving for the first time in 2015. Her death was quiet on April 6, 2016.

A lot of people are really interested in at least one thing. Something they would always do for free. Sometimes we can't take pictures of our best moments because we don't have the right tools. Also, this is very important for older people. It can be sad to remember those things or not have them when you think about them.

Alice Baker has loved and been good at dancing all her life. Newspaper Newsweek said that she would do amazing dances all her life. She mostly did this when she was in her 30s and 40s. There was never a time when she could see herself perform because she danced.

Mark Cantor of "Giants of Jazz on Film" and David Shuff were able to get some video of Alice dancing, which was great. She could see herself dance for the very first time. He and Shuff took the video to her retirement home and played it for her.

They put her movies on the Internet, which made her very happy. She felt like she was back in touch with the world. She always told herself that she loved dancing so much that she would do it for free. Along with other dancers, she did jazz dances.

It was the first time she saw herself dance that she would always remember. Barker had the dance videos in his hands.

It was normal for them to play in the common room of her retirement home. A lot of the other people who lived there liked her dance vids. The people who lived there thought she was a hero. He was 103 years old when he died. People can still watch her dance videos all over the world. We will always remember her.

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