Matthew McConaughey Gifts Handwritten Love Poems To Wife Even After 13 Years

In the entertainment business, Matthew McConaughey is renowned for being a skilled actor, particularly for his appearances as the romantic lead in many romantic comedies. Fans may be shocked to learn that McConaughey is just as romantic in real life even though it's obvious that the actor can win anybody over in any of the romantic comedies he's appeared in.

The actor's endearing character has helped him win over the hearts of admirers from all over the globe as well as his wife, Camila Alves, who is extremely important to him. In 2006, McConaughey first met Alves, and the two have since had a wonderful relationship.

Shortly after their initial encounter, McConaughey and Alves fell in love and started a long-lasting romance. On December 25, 2011, the pair announced their engagement. On June 9, 2012, the couple exchanged vows in a small ceremony in Austin, Texas. They share the same neighborhood at the moment. Three kids total—two boys, Levi and Livingston, and one girl, Vida—were born to them collectively.

While it's obvious that someone of McConaughey's stature could most certainly purchase everything he desires for his loved ones, he opts to offer his stunning wife more private and sentimental presents. Instead of purchasing Alves showy or expensive presents like flower bouquets and diamond jewelry, the actor has chosen a more sentimental route and gives his wife of 15 years handwritten love letters. Continue reading to learn more about this couple's lovely union.

Their Family's Dynamic

Despite his reputation for being romantic in many of his movies, McConaughey has been sure to apply same attitude to his marriage to Brazilian model and fashion designer Alves. McConaughey appears to have no lack of kind remarks to make about his wife. According to E! News, he has referred to Alves as an extraterrestrial creature and has also called her elegant, lovely, and self-assured.

McConaughey has made a point of praising his wife and their marriage on several occasions, and it is obvious that they have a mutual affection for one another. Alves discussed her connection with McConaughey in an interview with People in 2012. She never anticipated getting married, which is surprising since she has learned to cherish every second spent with her family.

The most important thing, according to Alves, is to ensure that our house is tranquil, healthy, and that the children well behaved. "Until I experienced the ceremony, I didn't realize how significant and genuinely meaningful (the wedding) was."

Fortunately, the family's desired home dynamic seems to be a reality as both parents have managed to strike a wonderful balance between providing for one another and their kids. On Fridays, the kids are permitted to remain up until the wee hours of the morning, but they are nevertheless taught right from wrong because to McConaughey's ability to blend strict guidelines with the carefree attitude for which he is well known. He told People that he is happy to have three healthy children and that they are all extremely distinctive individuals, perhaps as a result of their ancestry with Alves.

A Touch of Romance

The actor also discussed how his wife and he have distinct parenting philosophies but have the same moral principles. According to McConaughey, a child's natural sense of morality will always be at the center of who they are and that the function of discipline and moral instruction in parenting can only go so far.

The pair revealed further information about their marriage in 2014. Us Weekly claims that although it wasn't love at first sight for Alves, it was for McConaughey. Thankfully, they gave it a try, and they've been married for 15 years now. Alves made fun of McConaughey's portrayal of a real-life romance in a romantic comedy when he said:

"It's amusing because people have this perception of him as being loving and passionate based on how they see him onscreen or in public. Simply snatches you and gives you a passionate kiss. And sometimes I wonder, "Who is this guy? Can you embody it just a little bit?" Can we bring that person home for a short while, I wonder sometimes."

Fortunately, it seems that McConaughey has taken great care to demonstrate how romantic he is. In an interview with TODAY in 2018, McConaughey said that he takes a low-key approach to romance in his marriage and prefers not to purchase his wife expensive presents. I don't have a specific item I purchase her, he said. "A sincere handwritten message that she knows I took the time to sit down and write and has some poetry to it is worth more than whatever retail I spent for things," I said.
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