Empty Nesters Adopt 7 Siblings Who Lost Both Parents In Car Crash.(7 photos)

After their kids grew up, Pam and Gary Willis of Menifee, California, didn't have to wait long to fill their empty nest.

Instead of adopting, they decided to become foster parents. However, the couple's heart was quickly being stolen by seven charming faces!

In January 2019, Pam was browsing Facebook when she noticed an article. In an automobile accident, seven siblings from San Diego had lost both of their parents. They were in dire need of a place to live, but even then they would probably end up apart.

Pam and Gary decided to adopt seven additional children after raising five biological children already!

"I observed the immense need these children had for love because they had no one else to turn to," Pam stated to Metro. "I wanted to help these children so much that I called the adoption agency every week to express my desire."

When Pam and Gary eventually welcomed Adelino, 15, Ruby, 13, Aleecia, 8, Anthony, 7, Aubriella, 6, Leo, 5, and Xander, 4, home in June, their perseverance paid off.

Though it's never easy to adjust to a new life, the amazing brothers and sisters fit in well!

Since then, they've had a great time hanging around and taking trips to Disneyland Resort!

But the day they officially became a family is by far their best memory!

The grown children of Pam and Gary attended the adoption celebration. They now adore their new siblings just as much as their parents do, after all!

These second-time parents wouldn't change a thing, despite the difficulties and disappointments that come with raising seven kids.

Since the day we first met them, Pam said, "we have never looked back and never doubted what we're doing is the right thing to do." "All we want for is happiness, therefore it makes me delighted to see how extraordinarily happy they are. There is no feeling like the one that the eldest of the seven children, Adelino, expressed to me lately when he said, "Thank you for giving us this life."

What a lovely family! After everything these kids have gone through, we're overjoyed that they have found their forever home. It's incredible to see how content they are with Gary and Pam, even though no one could ever truly replace their late parents!

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