Mother Mare Gives Birth To A Pair Of ‘Rare’ Healthy Twin Ponies Despite Her Advanced Age!(video)

Every day still sees miracles! Every time...!

A pair of twin ponies seldom seen in the wild; what a remarkable discovery!

In contrast to humans, who give birth to three twins out of every hundred births, horses only give birth to one pony on average every litter (approximately one in 10,000). That alone shows how special this mare is!

Given that the mother stallion Tiki is relatively old for a horse—16 years—her pregnancy will be more challenging, particularly if she is carrying twins. Just 9% of mares carrying twins will remain pregnant until delivery. To keep an eye on the health of the infants, Mason's family, Tiki's guardians, insists on routine ultrasounds.

The procedure of having these attractive twins has piqued the curiosity of many individuals!

At the Conley and Koontz Equine Hospital in Columbia City, Indiana, in 2011, this kind older woman carried her darling ponies to term by following all the right procedures.

The first filly, weighing 86 pounds, and the second foal, weighing 59 pounds, were large twin ponies delivered in the middle of the night. Although she looks to be a little lighter, she is still quite fat and adorable, and within 10 minutes of giving birth, she was even able to stand and walk.

The two puppies have a distinctive black and white coat, much like their talented mother!

Right away, the twins were given names with significance: Woodcock Pocket and Charming Opal. They worried that when Tiki saw her twins, she wouldn't know what to do and would even reject one of them. Tiki, though, immediately welcomed and cherished both of them—she was a great mother!

Look at these beautiful twins. What a priceless blessing each of you is!

She is a lovely older woman.

Mama must now take a nap! She has gone above and beyond. Just let her enjoy herself.

I hope she has assistance to care for her priceless children.

Thank to everybody. beautiful mother and children! 

View the beautiful video below:
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