Granddaughter captures precious final moments of grandparent’s 60-year love story ‘A life full of love together’

His final words to her were, "Goodnight, honey." A woman documents the grandparent's 60-year romance in its last hours.

During my grandma's final few months of life, I saw something lovely.

My grandparents had an unwavering affection.

Grandma did everything for my grandfather, and I used to make fun of him by claiming he couldn't survive without her.

The roles were reversed the previous year.

As a result, I've come to understand that Romeo and Juliet aren't the most romantic love story...

Grandma and Grandpa, though, spent their golden years together.

Grandpa is standing by grandmother as she goes through the hardest moment of her life.

He learned how to cook, clean, and do laundry for her as she had six rounds of chemotherapy.

Grandpa is the one squeezing her hand.

Every doctor's visit he made it to.

He didn't want her to be alone, even for a little while, so he wouldn't leave the house unless someone else took his place.

The medical staff is shown admiring his commitment and commenting on how much everyone, including those in the waiting rooms, liked seeing them together.

While she was in the hospital and throughout her time in hospice, he remained at her side every day.

He thinks she may return home soon, so he's phoning to ask me to help him build signs and decorate the house.

At every chance, he stroked her face, kissed her on the forehead, and held her hand.

absorbing everything.

He cried every time he sensed she could be unhappy because he couldn't handle the idea of her being hurt.

She is even more stunning than before. Doesn't she look lovely, he would say.

when her body withered and after several strokes.

He never stopped complimenting her on her beauty.

They experienced the type of enduring love to which we all aspire.

They will be celebrating their 60th anniversary of marriage in a few weeks, yet even 60 years would not have been sufficient.

He said, "Oh you're so precious, goodnight, honey," as his final words to her.

The strength of the admonition to make sensible decisions comes from witnessing how he loved her.

Choose a person who will remain your closest confidant in 60 years.

who will still stay at your side in both good and bad circumstances, but especially in the latter.

someone who can express their affection without feeling awkward or hesitant.

Someone who loudly declares in front of a large group of people, "She's the most beautiful thing and I adore her so much."

Such is love.

When they were in their 20s, they met in a cycling club in England, and I believe it is reasonable to say that they ran the most significant race together.

They pedaled ferociously through all of life's hills.

Together, they never gave up on one another and encouraged one another when weary or dejected.

Together, they triumphed in life's greatest race: the race of love.

What a gift it has been to be able to document one of their final, priceless moments together while also seeing their lovely love story.
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