First man with Down syndrome graduates from college and makes state history


Kuehl has Down syndrome.

He sadly hears this statement much too frequently since he lives differently than most people. He marches today with dignity while wearing his toga and sash.

Kuehl is the first person with Down syndrome to graduate from the institution in its 51-year existence.

In a taped speech, Kuehl expressed his gratitude to everyone who had supported his trip.

His parents were both those who "given him the tools" to achieve and those who stood by him the entire while.

He said that several people warned him he wasn't prepared for college. The remarks made him feel defeated.

He is now delivering a different tale.

The 38-year-old received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus on writing. He loved dance and painting, among other things.

1 out of 900.
Out of over 900 pupils, he was one of the three picked to deliver a speech.

Wow, I never imagined I'd go this far, Kuehl remarked. In Washington, I am the first individual with down syndrome to get a bachelor's degree. "For me, this is the start of a new chapter."
There were pictures of Keuhl in the speech that was recorded. The images showed snapshots of his time at university.

Additionally, he revealed that he surrounded himself with friends who encouraged him to overcome people's skepticism. He referred to this team as his "Yes Team."

Evergreen State College has had an effect on his life.

The foundation of Evergreen, according to the film, is acceptance. Like me, I think a lot of other students have a right to be involved. Diversity and inclusion in our community benefit everyone.

Keuhl's graduation shows what people like Keuhl can do as well as what a community can do to empower its members through mutual respect and support, inclusivity, and optimism.

Kuehl undoubtedly proved his critics wrong.
Kuehl wants to use his success to encourage other people to pursue their aspirations.

Kuehl repeated the proverb "When life offers you lemons, make lemonade" in his account of the chaotic series of circumstances that brought him to where he is now.

He was trying to get a point across.
He wanted to thank everyone, but he also wanted to say something.

He didn't get his degree because of classmates, tutors, professors, or understanding parents; he got it because he worked hard and was determined.

"Rejoice in your talents. I am the first student to graduate from here, but I won't be the last. Live your life with desire and pride," Kuehl said.

Watch the video below to learn how Kuehl pushed boundaries with his graduation!

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