Indiana man hailed a hero after saving 5 people, including children from house fire


After rescuing four small children and their 18-year-old sister from a house fire early on Monday, an Indiana man is being hailed as a hero.

Around 12:30 a.m., Lafayette resident Nick Bostic was traveling past on his way home when he noticed flames rising from the residence.

"I slammed on the brakes as soon as I noticed the fire on the balcony, pulled into the driveway, and then burst inside the home from the rear. "Is there anyone in there?" I yelled." Bostic spoke to Fox 59.

Bostic entered the flaming house and discovered four occupants. Immediately after assisting in getting them to safety, he learned that one of the kids was still missing.

Bostic entered the house after rushing outside to find flames and heavy black smoke.

"The smoke simply appeared out of thin air. It was absolutely pitch black. The heat was unbearable "Bostic reportedly added, according Fox 59.

Bostic heard the child's weak cries and was able to find him. To escape the flames, he grabbed the kid and leaped out a window on the second floor.

"I rushed up those steps like a running back for the Colts after grabbing her and holding her tightly. I sprang out of the window "Bostic stated.

Police body camera footage captures the dramatic moment Bostic left the house carrying the 6-year-old child. On his legs and arm, Bostic sustained wounds, burns, and blisters. After receiving therapy for many days, he was seen by a doctor on Wednesday.

"Every morning when I wake up, I have something to remind me of why I'm still alive and here. Warum Gott mich hier hält, "Bostic spoke with News 18. "That night, he utilized me as his instrument."

The family's five members sustained no injuries. Bostic, 25, claimed he is simply an ordinary person who carried out his duties and doesn't view himself as a hero.

Bostic stated, "I'd be hoping that the individual driving would consider doing the same if they were able to. If it were me up there confined, or asleep, and there was a fire."

Bostic's selfless deeds, according to Lafayette Police Department Lt. Randy Sherer, saved lives.

He has amazed many with his courage, perseverance, and unwavering serenity in the face of such grave danger, according to Lt. Sherer. "His selflessness during this situation is inspirational," he added.

According to the police, Bostic will be remembered in August during a nearby Aviators baseball game.

The fire's origin is still being looked into. Bostic expressed his desire to see the family again quickly.

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