Sir Anthony Hopkins was an atheist and alcoholic – until his faith in God saved him

Even though actors are in the spotlight, they are ultimately simply ordinary folks like everyone else.

However, given their notoriety, they can exert some influence or provide assistance to those in need.

Thankfully, many people are aware of this and take part in charitable and humanitarian activities.

One such celebrity is well-known to exist in Sir Anthony Hopkins. The multi-award winning actor's ability to transform his own life and motivate others to do the same is, in fact, probably his greatest accomplishment.

Sir Anthony Hopkins, 83, speaks candidly about his transformation from a life without purpose to one filled with faith and hope in God. And in my opinion, it's definitely worth hearing.

The filmmaker and actor with an Academy Award is well-known for his philanthropic endeavors. But without the legend's newfound "confidence in God," none of it would have been possible.

The performer is notorious for taking on menacing parts, and is arguably best recognized for his spine-chilling portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in the venerable Silence of the Lambs film trilogy. However, Sir Hopkins is a true treasure in real life.

But it wasn't always like that. The Welsh-born actor, under pressure from the movie industry and celebrity, battled a number of problems, including alcoholism.

At a LEAP Foundation event, a nonprofit that assists young people with "Leadership, Excellence and Accelerating Your Potential," he stated, "Because that's what you do in theater, you drink."

He said, "But I was also quite tough to deal with since I was often hungover.

The actor lost his ability to cope when things started to become worse over time.

In 2011, he said to Piers Morgan, "I was hell bent on destruction."

It seemed like I was controlled by a devil; it was an addiction that I couldn't break. And there are millions of individuals like that in the world.

He was an alcoholic and an agnostic at this time, and all he felt was emptiness. He joined Alcoholics Anonymous about that time.

In 1975, he was attending an AA meeting when a woman questioned him bluntly, "Why don't you just trust in God?" And at that point, Hopkins' entire life altered.

"I was unable to quit drinking, but after asking for a little assistance, boom. He remarked, "It was simply like, bingo.

Hopkins made a decision to follow God, and his life was forever altered. Simply put, his drive to drink "never to return" gone.

Living without windows in a jail must be like being an atheist. But I couldn't live with that assurance," he admitted in a Catholic Herald interview many years later.
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