Woman gifted 107 roses from her church to celebrate her 107th birthday

Elestine Lawson was startled to see a special delivery from her church when she opened her door.

The senior from Westerville, Ohio, received 107 flowers for her 107th birthday.

When she opened her front door and saw the floral arrangement from her neighborhood flower store, she exclaimed, "They're gorgeous."

Later, Elestine discovered that a few churchgoers had decided to purchase her a rose arrangement from the neighborhood Columbia floral store, Battiste LaFleur Galleria.

It was a suitable act for a woman who attributes her long life of happiness to her religion.

Elestine said, "Praise the Lord," when asked how she managed to live so long.

She stated that during her 107 years, love and her religion had kept her going strong.

Elestine is just marginally older than Thelma Sutcliffe, a 114-year-old Nebraskan who holds the title of oldest woman in America.
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