Prince Harry Travels To Queen Alone & Leaves Meghan Markle Behind

The current queen of England was Queen Elizabeth II. Nothing appeared to be getting in the way of her doing all of her royal duties during her reign, regardless of the challenges that were thrown her way. Following Prince Philip's departure, the royal family experienced a challenging year in 2021, but the queen had continued to go above and beyond to fulfill all of her duties and watch over all of the royal family members.

She endured her fair share of horrible tragedies in 2021, including the death of her longtime boyfriend and the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan's officially announced separation from the royal family. Harry and Meghan's responsibilities as active members of the royal family have to be reallocated to other family members as a result of their departure, with the queen having ultimate say in all major decisions.

It's reasonable to assume that the queen had to deal with a number of intense feelings before she was able to give her attention to looking after herself and her physical health. On October 12, 2021, the queen was observed using a walking stick for the first time since 2004 while out and about at Westminster Abbey.

Sadly, Her Majesty's health problems worsened in 2022. And Britain's longest-reigning king passed dead on September 8, 2022.

As numerous family members gathered to be at her side in her dying moments, it was a terrible day for the royal family. Harry retired from his royal duties but went to be with his family in this really trying moment.

In his first speech as king, Charles delivered a sorrowful proclamation in which he announced the death of his mother. He shared the message on Instagram and it read as follows:

In a statement, His Majesty The King said:

"I, along with the rest of my family, are incredibly saddened by the passing of my mother, Her Majesty The Queen.

We deeply lament the loss of a beloved Mother and beloved Sovereign. I'm confident that the nation, the Realms, the Commonwealth, and a huge number of people all over the world will be devastated by her passing.

My family and I shall be supported and comforted at this difficult time by the respect and intense love that The Queen was held in by so many people."

Many people sent remarks about the late queen's demise in which they shared their own sadness and loss. We're all thinking about you, one individual wrote. Added another "Our Queen required a nap. The knowledge that she is finally with her true love gives me peace."

The royal family members displayed a strong feeling of unity as they fought valiantly to be there for Her Majesty in her hour of need, despite the fact that there were occasionally conflicts among them.

According to TIME, Harry left his bride, Meghan Markle, by alone in London and took a flight to Scotland to be with his grandmother. He travelled with his uncles Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, according to PEOPLE.

According to TIME, Harry and Meghan were already in the UK for a journey around Europe where they would be visiting charity activities "dear to their hearts." The fact that it took place at the same time as the queen's condition was getting worse was unexpected.

According to The Sun, Harry drove to Balmoral while dressed in a black suit and tie and appeared very dejected as the news of his grandmother's passing swept over him.

It's impossible to predict if Meghan will stand by her husband during this trying time or what the other members of the royal family will do in the following days to pay their respects to their deceased loved one. But it is undeniable that the queen will continue to exist in people's hearts throughout the UK.
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