'Grateful’ Mom Defends Herself After Video Of Her Hugging Her Son Amassed Mixed Reactions(video)

Mothers are very special. They make sure you have what you need every day and are often your biggest fans, cheering you on in sports, art, music, and other areas.

Moms should show their happiness whenever their kids reach a big goal or enjoy an important event, so most of the time, they'll give their kids a big hug.

Too bad that a mom named Amber Wright got a lot of mean comments on social media when she posted about a sweet moment she had with her 16-year-old son Brixton Wright after his football team won a game.

In August 2023, Amber shared a video that was made by one of her best friends. It looked like the mom and son were so happy about the win that he carried her while she gave him a big hug.

"This boy will always and forever have my whole heart." I'm SO thankful that Gina caught the end of this moment. "When I went to give my son a hug after his game, he grabbed me right away and held me," the mom wrote.

Surprisingly, the mom and son's once-wholesome moment became the subject of a heated online discussion because some people thought it was wrong.

Amber told Today how she really felt: "I never thought it would turn into something where people are like, 'You're sexually abusing him!'" You're getting him ready! I'm going to call child protection services."

When asked to explain her actions, the mom said that she came from a loving family and that she would hug her dad every time she saw him.

She also said that the video that went popular was just an ordinary time for her and her son. Also, Amber said that Brixton held on to her longer than usual that day. The number 44 on his shirt was important to him because it was the date of his father's death (April 4).

"He was upset, and I think as his mom, I'm a safe place for him," she said.

Later, Amber showed photos of Brixton's text message with a friend. In the message, he supported his mother by calling her his "hero."

Afterward, he said that he had "an alcoholic dad" as a child who would only go to games when he wasn't drunk, but Amber never missed a game and was always there for him.

"We were both going through a lot." "All I did was give her a big hug," Brixton wrote in the message.

"I was so proud," Amber told Today. I was so proud as I hugged my child.

Even though Amber removed the negative comments, many people still saw the tape and thought what she did was wrong.

One person wrote, "There was nothing wrong with the hug, but Mama, your feet should have never left the ground 😬."

Even though there was hate, there were also moms who supported her actions by saying they hugged their boys in the same way.

One wrote, "Others can't understand the bond between us single moms and our sons."

"I'm a single mom, and my son played football for seven years. We also hugged like this!" It's NOT wrong in any way!" Someone else wrote.
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