24-Year-Old Wants A Baby With Her 85-Year-Old Husband So He Can ‘Have Another Generation’(video)

Everyone has a different idea of what it means to start a family. People who are having trouble getting pregnant have a lot of choices, such as adoption or surrogacy. The second choice is what Miracle Pogue, 24, and her husband Charles Pogue looked into.

Miracle's Instagram says that she is a business owner. Kuriosities is the name of her business, which sells adult toys that are meant to be sexual. In her bio, she wrote that nursing school was hard for her, but she found a real calling to help people "feel good" through acts of love. Miracle worked as an LPN at a women's health center after she graduated from nursing school. It was there that she became interested in sexual health. She soon chose to go into business for herself and help other people accept their sensuality.

Miracle has shown that she loves love deeply, so it's not a surprise that she is in a serious relationship. However, the fact that she fell in love with an 85-year-old man may surprise many.

People online are very interested in Miracle and Charles's age difference. Many fans were shocked to learn that a young woman was dating someone grandmother or even grandfather age. Even though they are 61 years apart in age, their love for each other doesn't seem to have stopped.

The Mississippi couple has talked about their romance on Miracle's TikTok account and other social media sites. They show themselves doing all sorts of things, from boring things like watching TV together to more exciting things like going on trips.

Miracle and Charles want to have a child through IVF, so their biggest trip is still to come.

The Mirror says that the Pogues met in 2019 while Miracle was working in a laundromat. They hit it off right away. Wonder Woman called Charles her "knight in shining armor." She "knew he was older," but it didn't matter because she liked him very much already. She said:

"I like him just the way he is, no matter how old he is." Because he looks so good, I thought he might be 60 or 70 years old. He's always busy and awake.

The former real estate agent Charles agreed, saying, "There's no problem with the age difference." In February 2020, he asked Miracle to marry him. In July 2022, they got married. Crazy Joe Brown, Miracle's grandpa, is in his early 70s, while this man is 85 years old.

They want to start a family of their own now. Miracle said, "I want him to have another generation." "We want to see an IVF clinic to talk about our choices." She said that when they went to a clinic before, they "felt the pre-judgment," which was "quite overwhelming."

But the Pogues' desire to have kids seems to have been stronger than any bad things that have happened to them. "I don't care about that anymore as long as they give me my child." It's possible that Charles' age will keep us from having kids, but I'm not sure. He said, "It might not work."

Miracle knows she'll "outlive" her husband, but she tries to enjoy every moment with him, as her touching TikToks with Charles show. Even though people criticize them, their love has not changed.

"I will be happy with or without Charles. Being with him is a choice, and I'm glad he makes me his choice," Miracle said.

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