Seal Is Overjoyed To Get A Massive Ice Cake For His 31st Birthday

Introducing Yulelogs, a vivacious grey seal that will never turn down a nibble.

Before being put back into the wild, Yulelogs spent his early years at a marine park in the north of England. But after spending so much time in jail, he had grown accustomed to receiving sweets from others.

Yulelogs was rescued by the RSPCA three months after his release after concerned bystanders complained that he was stalking people carrying buckets on the sand because he believed they contained fish, according to a Facebook post from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Yulelogs was adopted by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and has since been living there contentedly. Male grey seals typically live to be about 25 years old in the wild, but Yulelogs recently turned 31.

The sanctuary offered him a unique gift—an ice cake with fish inside—to commemorate the occasion.

Yulelogs was overjoyed, and he didn't hesitate to express it.

Yulelogs genuinely enjoyed his birthday cake, according to Georgina Shannon, the sanctuary's coordinator for marketing and communications. Because it requires some brain to figure out how to get the fish out of the cake, it's also a fantastic kind of enrichment for him.

Due to COVID-19, Shannon remarked, "it's been a really difficult few months for the sanctuary and for everyone." So, simply having a moment to rejoice was really lovely.
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