Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter Honors Mom With Touching Duet Clip As Niece Reveals Singer’s Struggle In Last Days

Olivia Newton-John, one of the world's biggest stars, passed away on August 8, 2022. She was an actress, singer, and campaigner who was of British and Australian descent. Over the course of her life, the celebrated woman received a number of honors from both critics and admirers. Her niece Totti Goldsmith, who was among the relatives she left behind, recounted the last thing she said to her famous aunt a few days before she passed away.

Newton-John was born on September 26, 1948, in England. When she was 6 years old, her family relocated there. Although she had a long musical career before being placed opposite John Travolta in the musical "Grease" in 1978, she would achieve superstardom.

Newton-depiction John's of an innocent Australian college student longing for Travolta's Danny Zuko propelled the singer to popularity and established her as a household figure while showcasing her lovely yet potent singing voice and excellent acting skills. People continue to dress up as Danny and Sandy for costume parties and perform the songs from the "Grease" soundtrack nowadays.

Despite not being as successful as "Grease," her follow-up movie "Xanadu" would forever alter her life. She met dancer Matt Lattanzi on the set, and the two got along right away. Following six years of dating, Newton-John and Lattanzi got married in December 1984, and their daughter Chloe Rose Lattanzi was born in 1986.

Newton-three-decade John's fight with breast cancer began when she received a diagnosis in 1992. Once it had recovered, it came back in 2013 and 2017. Newton-John had at this time turned into a fervent advocate for cancer research, utilizing her position to raise awareness and establish treatment and research facilities.

Newton-John had always been the embodiment of positivity, hope, joy, and optimism. And close family members claim that she stayed like way right up until the end. The family had been planning to make her last days as comfortable as possible, according to her niece Goldsmith, an actress and singer residing in Melbourne, Australia.

We were aware of how ill she had been, especially during the previous five days, so it wasn't a surprise, she added. Her husband John (Easterling) has kept us informed, and I've been speaking to the stunning Chloe frequently.

Goldsmith said that Easterling was able to set up a video call for them to have.

The daughter of Newton-sister John's Rona, Goldsmith recalled, "I told her everything I needed to say. She continued by saying that her aunt's last few days were difficult due to medical issues:

"It wasn't just the cancer that killed her; she also had other illnesses from being in the hospital and having a weak immune system. She had further infections. In the previous five to six days, she significantly deteriorated.

Newton-John had previously argued in favor of cannabis as a component of her cancer therapy, but they were unable to lessen the discomfort.

"It certainly did assist her, but it wasn't enough afterwards. She has experienced a great deal of agony, according to Goldsmith.

She also described her interactions with Newton-John while she was receiving medical care at the Melbourne campus of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute.

She was quite frail and emaciated when I asked her, "Are you frightened of dying?"

My nickname was Plonker, and she added, "I'm not frightened; I've accomplished more in my life than I could have ever dreamed. She genuinely had no idea how her life would turn out.

Chloe, Newton-only John's child, will undoubtedly live on in people's memories as her legacy. Chloe has continued the acting and music careers of her well-known mother. But having a famous mother as a child carried with it a lot of media attention and certain expectations. Chloe quickly started to feel pressure from society to appear and act a certain way.

Chloe said on "60 Minutes" that she battled anorexia in her teenage years and that her mother found it difficult to deal with it. Chloe, who had her first treatment at the age of 18, likewise went to cosmetic surgery.

"Everything that was done was disastrous. She told Woman's Day, "My first breast operation in Australia when I was 18 left me looking mangled. Not alone did the lip implants appear terrible. Following corrective operations, Chloe appears to be lot more comfortable with and aware of her body now, with the help of her mother.

"Now that I'm a 32DD, I adore my physique and enjoy flaunting my new boobs. Mum understood how miserable I was previously and supported my choice to have surgery," she added.

Due to their strong relationship, mother and daughter collaborated on the song "Window in the Wall" in 2021. On August 9, 2022, Chloe posted a behind-the-scenes video of the couple recording the duet on Instagram after the death of her mother. In the video, the devoted couple could be seen grinning, laughing, and constantly cuddling up to one another.

"You are my mother the lighthouse. My secure location "My heart place," Chloe said in the post. "Being your baby and best friend has been and will always be an honor for me. You are an angel on earth, and you have benefited everyone you have been in contact with. My life's source, my mentor, and my mother, I will always adore you.
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