Fisherman reels in giant goldfish-like carp that weighs the same as a 10-year-old

A massive carp that resembled a goldfish and weighed the same as a ten-year-old was discovered in Champagne, France.

The 67-pound monster was pulled out of BlueWater Lakes by a British angler.

The carp known as The Carrot was first put into the fishery for carp twenty years ago, and it is currently one of the biggest in the world.

Andy Hackett, a resident of Worcestershire in the United Kingdom, had the good fortune to discover the fish and spent 25 minutes reeling it in.

The Kidderminster guy claimed that although he was aware that The Carrot was around, he never imagined that he would really capture it.

Before returning the fish safely to the lake, he posed for a few pictures with it.

The carp has grown to an astounding size and weight to match since she has been able to swim freely in open waters for such a long time.

This enormous fish weights 67 pounds, whereas the normal ten-year-old child weighs between 53 and 109 pounds.

Even bigger carp have been taken; there are accounts of captures weighing up to 232 lbs for a Siamese carp in southern Thailand and 112 lbs for a mirror carp in Hungary.

"I knew it was a big fish when it took my bait and went off side to side and up and down with it," said Hackett, 42, of his capture. When it surfaced 30 or 40 yards away, I could see that it was orange.

Although it was well caught, it was also pure luck.

Despite being an evasive fish, Carrot was easy to locate due to her goldfish-like brilliant orange color.

With typical fish, you struggle to notice them if they're just below the surface, but The Carrot is blatantly bright orange so you can't miss it, according to Hackett, who spoke to the BBC.

"Like a big fish in general, they plod around; they're heavy and slow."

Jason Cowler, the fisheries manager, continued, "We introduced The Carrot approximately 20 years ago as something unique for the clients to fish for. Since then, it has continued to develop, although it seldom emerges. She's quite evasive.

She is in great physical and mental shape. Andy deserves praise for a superb catch.

I'm sorry to break the bad news, but if you're planning on traveling to France to try to catch Carrot for yourself, the waiting list to join the fishery is at least five years long.
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