Man Accidentally Yelled at His DoorDash Driver, and TikTok Helped Him Make Things Right


Really undervalued are delivery drivers. They have to put up with a lot of stuff that would make most of us want to rip out our hair, from unpleasant customers to tip baiting.

So, when one guy unintentionally treated his DoorDash driver unfairly, he felt he had to make up. For a tale of a serious mistake and how TikTok helped one guy make peace, keep reading.

Unintentionally yelling at his DoorDash delivery person, an Australian man's video became viral on TikTok.

Okay, I get what you're saying. How can one unintentionally shout at someone? It doesn't actually happen frequently. However, believe us when we explain that there was a significant misunderstanding.

So, here is what transpired: Mark Polchleb, an Australian resident, bought lunch for delivery early this month. When the driver neared his door, the driver's dog began to bark and generally made a big commotion.

As Mark attempted to open the door to get his meal, he cried to his dog, "Get away from the door buddy."

The delivery man, on the other side of the door, could hear everything that was happening inside, and he concluded that Mark was shouting at him. He altered the way he looked, leaving the food on the stairs and backing away from the house.

Then, a starving Mark retrieved his meal off his porch and carried on. "I didn't know until I examined [my home security] tape that he may have mistaken me shouting at my dog," he said in a statement to TODAY.

Later, he uploaded a video on TikTok explaining what had transpired and how he had never intended to treat his delivery driver so disrespectfully.

He wrote, "I'm actually losing sleep over this.

Many individuals in the comments shared Mark's suffering. "I'm practically crying when I consider how he may have felt ignored and like a bother. I'm congested, "One individual wrote. Another remarked: "OMG CAN YOU FIND HIM ON YOUR APP SOMEHOW. I WOULD BE IN TEARS FOR WEEKS IF I DID THIS."

Comments like the latter set him to thinking; perhaps he could track him out. Mark provided updates on his quest to track down the delivery driver and set things right in a number of follow-up TikTok videos.

Mark met Sami, his DoorDash driver and apologized.

Mark's search to find his DoorDash driver included a few dead ends, but he ultimately struck gold. After viewing Mark's initial TikTok, the delivery driver's daughter got in touch with him to introduce him to her Sami father.

The guys scheduled their meeting, and indeed, it was the happily ever after that we had all been hoping for. In a video recounting their encounter, Mark remarked, "It was lovely to meet him and his family. He also discovered that Sami was employed by DoorDash in order to save money for a trip to see his kid, who was living abroad.

Soon after, DoorDash learned of this incident and made the decision to give Sami a small gift in appreciation for his great actions. The firm posted a message on one of Mark's videos saying, "We're so moved by your love and care towards Sami that we're going to grant him Top Dasher status for life and extra Dasher money."

Sami's daughter also started a GoFundMe to gather money so that he could travel to France to see his son. She stated in the page's description that Sami, a refugee who arrived in Australia eight years ago, hasn't been allowed to see his kid in France for ten years.

Over 7,000 Australian dollars have been donated through the GoFundMe so far. I hope Sami and his kid can get back in touch soon!

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