30 “Cool” Hairstyles Of The Winners Of Canada’s Annual Hair Freezing Contest

Every winter, the Takhini Hot Springs Hair Freezing Contest is held in Canada. When the competition was first introduced in 2011, there were just a few submissions—roughly 10 every year. Since the contest became viral in 2015, more and more people (almost 300 participants) have joined with the most stylish haircuts ever. Additionally, 288 people tried to make the wackiest frozen hairstyles last year. They were really inventive, and now we have something entertaining to share with you.

View the winners' wildest frozen hairstyles by scrolling down. Don't forget to vote for the entry that best impresses you. If you think these are funny, tell your friends about them. And perhaps this will inspire you to enter this year's "coolest" competition. You can win a cash reward of $2,000 Canadian in addition to having EPIC hairstyles (1,411 USD). Please feel free to share your success with us if you do. You can succeed! Good fortune!

1: The man is HOT, even if the water is chilly!

2. Celebrate!

3.She is an island lad striving to make it because.

4. Fantastic!

5. The Loki

6: Cindy Lou Who

7. The Canadian ladies are experts at growing beards.

8. They appear to have had a gigantic sneeze on them.

9. A peculiarity of nature? using three hands

10. Sad and unlucky people

11. An airplane taking off

12: Pasta!

13. Tom Cruise sneaked in there somehow.

14. Nearly Pippi

15 - Frozehawk

16.Love her eye lashes in !

17.This couple needs help, which is number !

18.A charming winter water deity .

19. Attending an opera

20. A nest of abandoned birds

21.Marv from Home Alone

22. The evil queen!

23. Such a 1920s flapper look!

24. Malifexia

25. It reminds me of the Titanic.Sadly, Jack

26"I forgot the conditioner!" is number .

27: Work as a team!

28.Who's in Whoville 

29. Stupid and stupider

30. Fantastic!

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