Adopted Woman Who Was Told Biological Mom Had Passed Away Finally Meets Her Nearly 80 Years Later

Some youngsters who are placed in foster care never get the opportunity to meet their birth parents. Joanne Loewenstern, a citizen of Florida, spent her whole childhood believing that her mother had passed away after childbirth since that is what everyone kept telling her. But as Loewenstern explains in an interview with The Washington Post from last year, she always had the sensation that her original mother was somehow still alive.

Despite what she had been told her whole life, Loewenstern, who was 79 at the time of this narrative, decided to search for her mother because of this belief. However, the only information she had was her mother's name, Lillian Feinsilver, and the name of the New York City hospital where she was born, Bellevue Hospital.

However, Loewenstern didn't look for her mother because she was unhappy or unhappy with her existence as a foster child. Loewenstern had loving foster parents who adopted her barely two months after her birth, and she had a fulfilling life.

While working additional jobs on the evenings and weekends, she got married, acquired a home in Far Rockaway, Queens, and had four children.

Loewenstern persisted in seeking for her mother despite this.

But dead ends after dead ends made her rethink. And Loewenstern told The Post that she gave trying after hiring a private investigator who was unable to locate her long-lost mother.

"You know what, I'm done," I said. According to Loewenstern, the newspaper. Sure, I sobbed, but that was all. You see, I felt like I didn't belong in anyone's group.

But in 2018, Loewenstern's lifelong search to discover her mother was finally successful owing to 21st-century technology.

According to The Post, Loewenstern's daughter-in-law advised that she visit to try to learn more about her mother. Loewenstern decided she didn't have much to lose since she had already given up on the quest.

Before I left, I wanted to learn more about (my mother)," Loewenstern remarked.

Amazingly, Loewenstern discovered her mother after years of looking.

Sam Ciminieri first mentioned Lillian Feinsilver in an email, claiming she was his mother. This narrative is made much more unbelievable by the fact that Feinsilver was located in a Florida elderly care home approximately 80 miles from Loewenstern.

Ciminieri told The Post, "It turns out we have a whole other family we never would have found.

The newspaper claims that Feinsilver was 100 years old when Loewenstern eventually located her. She also required a wheelchair and had dementia, so Ciminieri's ex-wife Shelley was still looking after her. Shelley told The Post that her mother-in-law had constantly begged for her daughter despite the fact that she was losing her memory. Shelley said, "She kept repeating she lost her daughter, she lost her daughter."

But why was Feinsilver cut off from her own daughter, and what happened to her? One hypothesis holds that the infant was taken from Feinsilver, a young, unmarried mother, by medical personnel.

According to Shelley, "each of them went through life believing the other had dead."

The two families agreed to get together at Feinsilver's assisted care home after learning about one another. Feinsilver ultimately spoke the words "This is my daughter," after taking some time to properly comprehend what was happening.
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