Fort Smith firefighters save stray kitten stuck in ATM

The kitten, appropriately called Cash, was a little scared and dehydrated, but the rescuers say he's doing OK now.

Ft. Smith, Arkansas — The Fort Smith Fire Department responded to a call to save a cat on Thursday, July 7. No, it's not a cat caught in a tree as you would have assumed; instead, it's a kitten inside an ATM.

Everyone is unsure of exactly how or when the kitten entered the ATM, but Alexis Bloom, a cat and kennel technician at Fort Smith Animal Haven, has some theories.

Bloom replied, "I can't tell you how, but it's probably trying to get some shade."

It's unusual to hear little meowing coming from a cash-handling device, but that's exactly what happened at the Regions Bank in Fort Smith, at 8th and A Streets.

Ashley Deane, a vet tech at Fort Smith Animal Haven, stated, "This is really my first encounter with a cat being caught in an ATM." We now have both because, "You know, I never believed that someone would be able to go up and withdraw and get a cat out instead of some cash."

The kitten was brought to Fort Smith Animal Haven famished, thirsty, and without a name.

What better moniker for a would-be cat thief than Cash for the gray tabby?

Cash arrived to the shelter weighing just less than a pound. After chowing down on some food and drink and taking a much-needed wash, the want tobe heavyweight gave his new caregivers some attitude.

Deane remarked, "He's a bit peppery just because he's terrified, which is usual and it's going to happen.

However, Cash has been settling in nicely and receiving all the T.L.C. he needs to fully recuperate.

When our handlers have them for a few days, Deane explained, "they usually get less spicy and just a little bit light so they may come a little bit more manageable."

The treatment has already begun to pay off in a short period of time.

Bloom remarked, "Once you take him up, he's just a giant purr box, that's all. He's the cutest little baby.

The first objective, according to Fort Smith Animal Haven, is to increase Cash's weight before he can be adopted into his permanent family. After that, they may start immunizing him and placing him in foster care. He will be prepared to be adopted once he has had all of his shots and has had some socialization.

However, the shelter has a number of animals available for adoption or foster care.
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