Groom’s Brother With Autism Gives A Best Man Speech That Leaves Wedding Guests In Tears

At the wedding celebration, the bride's autistic brother made an impactful speech. Madison Waldron married Jonah Waldron. Nobody had dry eyes.

The theme of a wedding is love. Typically, the newlyweds are the center of attention.

At Madison and Jonah Waldron's wedding, the best man's speech emphasized the brothers' enduring affection for one another.

Sam Waldron, 23, has autism and has a hard time interacting in social settings like weddings. When it was his turn to deliver the best man's speech, he did it with sincerity.

Sam went on to claim that Jonah is his closest friend and hero after announcing with pride that he was the "best brother to the best guy."

Jonah is moved to tears the minute the groom's brother starts speaking. He is aware of his younger brother's fear in these kinds of social situations. Sam is nervous, but it's a great accomplishment because he's speaking to close to 200 people.

But things get much more emotional as the groom's brother expresses his emotions.

He does a great job of adding comedy to his speech, and as a result, there are many heartfelt chuckles and applause. Tears and laughter combine as he underlines all the traits that he and his family find admirable in his new sister-in-law.

When the groom's brother mentions Jonah in his speech, the tears start to fall once again.

When the groom's brother mentions Jonah in his speech, the tears start to fall once again.

Sam tells why he admires Jonah.

You never treated me with disrespect, not even as a younger brother." You supported me and kept an eye out for me. Sam said, "You showed me that being different is a strength, not a weakness. You were understanding and patient, he continued. You recognized me for who I am.

Before ending his address by appealing with God to bless the happy couple, Sam quickly garnered a few more laughs. There were cheers, whoops, and tears all around.

Sam, I appreciate you doing such a terrific job!

It's very admirable how much these two adore one another like brothers. The brother of the bridegroom spoke and used Jonah to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ.

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