Help this Worried Wife Find Her Missing Husband — Most Get This One Wrong

Several of my favorite picture puzzles include old artwork. Their eerie aesthetic makes riddles a bit trickier. Numerous thousands of people have tried to solve this riddle. Almost everyone makes a mistake.

This puzzle's author employed a dishonest technique to make it appear simpler to solve than it actually is.

The picture below looks to be of a farmer's wife looking for her husband while pulling the family cow.

She is unaware that he is considerably closer than she believes.

If you can, locate him.

Okay, if you believe you have the answer to the mystery, continue reading to find out.

Scroll down if you would.

Where is Her Husband?

If you picked her husband's face from the cow's mane, I'm sorry to say you're wrong. Please don't be alarmed. This is a popular choice that was probably made on purpose to deceive you.

You may see the cow's spouse if you look at her body closely.

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