Jennifer Aniston Took ‘Baby Steps’ To Overcome Her ‘Challenging’ Relationship With Her ‘Critical’ Mother

Jennifer Aniston became famous after playing Rachel Green in the popular television sitcom "Friends," and she has since become one of the most adored actresses to ever grace the entertainment industry. The actress won a few prizes for the part, and it's obvious that her career has only flourished since her breakout.

Jennifer made care to schedule time for her personal life despite receiving accolades and working nonstop. In 1998, she met and started dating fellow actor Brad Pitt, and their romance attracted a lot of media attention almost away. They appeared to be happily in love before getting married two years later. However, the pair suddenly revealed in 2005 that they were divorcing, and their divorce was formalized in the following year.

But Jennifer didn't give up on love; in 2015, she got engaged again. She began dating the actor Justin Theroux in 2011, and they were engaged the following year before being married in 2015. But the pair announced their divorce the following year after divorcing at the end of 2017.

Fortunately for Jennifer, she has gradually discovered some tranquility in her personal life. Aside from her prior romances, she has kept much of her private life out of the limelight and lives in a very "zen"-filled home. She has also maintained a good professional path and maintained friendships with both of her ex-boyfriends.

Jennifer has also mastered the art of mending old wounds, as seen by the way she overcame a negative relationship with her late mother, the late actress Nancy Dow. Continue reading to learn more about their connection over time.

Jennifer portrayed the enduring character of Rachel Green on the popular sitcom "Friends." Her character experienced many personal ups and downs, particularly in terms of relationships. Over the course of the series, Rachel's relationship with Ross was rocky, and she occasionally had to fight hard to maintain her friendships. She had to figure out how to manage the dynamics of her parents' recent divorce as well. Jennifer has also had to figure out how to deal with some challenging parental ties in her actual life.

John Aniston, an actor best known for his work on the serial series "Days of Our Lives," is Jennifer's father. The late actress and model Dow was her mother. From 1965 to 1980, they were a married pair; after that, the former abruptly and mysteriously vanished from Jennifer's life. Dow, a newly single mother, was similarly taken off surprise and tried her best to cope. There were some difficulties along the road, though.

Jennifer recalled how critical her mother used to be of her as a youngster in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2015. She noted, "She was judgmental. She gave me some harsh criticism. She was also a pretty harsh person. She would harbor resentments that I simply considered so trivial. Jennifer saw that her mother had "a rage" and didn't appear to take her complaints seriously during confrontations. The actor remarked:

"I never learned that I had a screaming voice. I once yelled at my mother in a loud voice, and when she glanced at me, she started laughing. She was making fun of me for yelling back. And it hit me in the gut like a blow.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Jennifer and her mother went a long time without speaking. However, according to ABC News, one of the key moments in the couple's reconciliation was the actress and Pitt's divorce.

At the moment, Jennifer remarked, "It's been very pleasant." It's incredible where having your life flipped upside down can take you. For us, it was the right time, and the event would go place as planned. This is excellent, then. Little by little.

The pair reportedly had a major falling out in 1999, so Dow wasn't invited to her daughter's wedding to Pitt. However, Dow was invited to Jennifer's wedding to Theroux. A family insider had previously stated, "Nancy and Jennifer have had their ups and downs, but they're going to let bygones be bygones and she will be welcomed to her daughter's wedding ceremony."

We're good, Jennifer replied in 2015 when asked about her mother in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Dow passed away the next year at the age of 79.

The actress told Elle magazine in 2018 that Dow had always taught her she needed to learn how to take care of herself, reflecting more on her "difficult upbringing" with her mother. Jennifer explained, "My mom said such things because she genuinely loved me." She was struggling financially and coping with a spouse who was no longer there, so I believe all she could do was hang on.

After some time has passed, it is evident that Jennifer has made a significant effort to mend the scars caused by her abusive relationship with her mother.
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