'Like I won $1 million': Baytown family stunned their stolen dog 'Sheba' was found 5 years later

After learning that their dog, which had been stolen five years earlier, had been located more than 600 miles away, a family in Baytown was shocked.

The footage that recently landed on the Malmstrom family's phones has left them in shock.

According to Stephanie Malmstrom, "We were all sobbing." My daughters and I were simply boohooing.

An enigmatic text message started the buzz.

I thought, "There is no way," Malmstrom recounted. "That is crazy. Like when I won a cruise and $1 million."

The family's home surveillance system caught what happened to Sheba, their German Shepard, five years ago.

Cameras captured Sheba's disappearance when she napped outside.

Malmstrom added, "She rushes from underneath the porch, they pick her up, move around the back of the truck, load her up, and take off.

The dog was seen on the street by an animal control officer in the Texas Panhandle, more than 600 miles away.

The conduct of the dog, according to Borger Animal Control Officer Jared Harper, "immediately showed me this isn't the typical dog roaming wild."

Who owned the dog and how it landed up more than 600 miles distant are mysteries to Harper. He is aware of the true proprietors, nevertheless.

He has spoken with the Baytown family via virtual video chats and photograph sharing since discovering the puppy.

Jared, it's fantastic," remarked Malmstrom. I truly appreciate it.

Of sure," said Harper. "For me, I mean. Just going about my business."

The family wished to thank other people in addition to the officer. Deborah Wrigley, a former reporter for ABC13, covered the first story. She received a call to share the good news during our conversation with Malmstrom.

Malmstrom replied to Wrigley, "I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for reporting our story five years ago.

It's a compliment with a near-perfect conclusion that may occur in the next days. To fly Sheba home, the family is coordinating with NGOs.

Every week, "we had steak night," Malmstrom recalled. We already have steak night scheduled for when she gets home since dad makes the tastiest steaks.

The video they never anticipated seeing appeared on their phones, reviving a weekly routine.

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