Mother Supports Her Daughter Who Has Been Warned Twice By The School For Wearing Shorts

In every nation, there are always at least two opposing camps when it comes to debates over etiquette that center on school clothing standards.

There are many who believe that it is not about viewing a bare leg or shoulder, while others insist that you should not wear too casual clothing to school, such as flip-flops and short shorts in the summer. Although everyone must abide by the internal regulations of any institution, not everyone agrees with them. Stasia, a mother, told her tale in a TikTok video. describing her daughter's fight against the "absurd" school dress code regulations, which she felt had the worst effect on the female students.

Stasia claims that her daughter disregarded the dress code by coming to class in shorts and a tank top. The school then provided her with an enormous T-shirt to cover herself up. As a response, the adolescent planned a demonstration in which the guys participated by dressing in crop tops. The institute chose to penalize exclusively the female students in response to this protest campaign. Given the glaring gap between the clothing codes for males and girls, Stasia supports her daughter despite the fact that she used profane language with the school official.

The mother said how her daughter planned more demonstrations in a later video: "Today she arranged a day where ladies would wear white tank tops with messages inscribed on them. Her letter, which asks: "Is my cleavage distracting you as you read the front of my shirt?," was written yesterday night with the assistance of my 19-year-old son.

The mother reaffirmed, "My children detest instructors who discriminate," in one of her videos. Stasia's kid was kicked off the teacher-pupil school board despite not receiving a suspension. A boy accompanied her when she was taken to the headmaster's office and questioned the staff about why he hadn't also received a warning for wearing a crop top. The administration, however, just instructed the child to return to class, where he promptly started using scissors to further shave off his shirt, earning him a punishment of his own.

"I appreciate that the lads support her and put their lives on the line," said one of Stasia's admirers. I am working so hard to raise my children to be like your daughter, another fan exclaimed.

The huge t-shirts that were provided to all the females were big enough to cover their shorts as well as themselves. The girls were cautioned once again because, according to the t-shirts covering their shorts, they seemed to be wearing only undergarments.

"It appears that guys are beginning to grasp that it is more righteous to stand with females," the mother concludes, expressing her joy at the developing unity between girls and boys who are now on the same page.


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