‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman shares rare snap of all 8 children all grown up

Nadya Suleman, who made international news in 2009 after disclosing she would give birth to octuplets, has released a rare image of her eight youngest children all grown up.

The mother of 14, also known as "Octomom," shared a photo of her children leaving for eighth grade on Instagram.

The text that accompanied the picture read: "beginning of eighth grade. Kids, you should be proud of yourselves for treating everyone with kindness, respect, and helpfulness, including your instructors and staff. The sixth and seventh graders look up to you tremendously as role models. I cherish you."

The photograph of the 47-year-old, who is described in her description as a "ethical vegan," garnered close to 9,000 likes.

Several of Suleman's 221,000 fans sent supportive comments on the picture, with one user writing: "Thanks for raising such wonderful children, mom! Wishing you everyone a wonderful year in school! ."

"fantastic work, mother. You should be really proud of your lovely family. I hope they have a great academic year! "additional added

Suleman, who had previously given birth to six other children before discovering she was expecting the octuplets, has not always received praise for her decisions.

Because the mother was a single parent with six other children who were also born through IVF, the media was quick to blame her after she became pregnant with eight children following IVF treatment, according to NBC News at the time. This year, her eldest kid will be 21.

Suleman took on a number of professions, including a brief spell as a porn actress, as a result of her escalating financial problems and the severe criticism she got for being single and jobless.

"I used to have the ugliest, deadest, most visceral sensation inside of me every morning. I didn't want to live. As the persona I was playing in order to survive and support my family, I felt less than human "She fessed up.

In January 2020, the devoted mother mentioned this in an Instagram post.

Suleman posted a picture of a proverb with the words "do not judge my narrative by the chapter you came in on," along with a long caption outlining the suffering Octomom went through.

She wrote: "First, I would like to focus on you kind supporters who have followed my family from day one, nearly 11 years ago. Thank you for your help; I appreciate it. May this new year be filled with many benefits for you."

"From 2009 to 2013, the influential media implanted shards of a false narrative into the brains of the populace, resulting in the creation of a false identity. Please refrain from passing judgment on me only based on the season I was (struggling to survive), "Added she.

The caption added, "Despite the hurt of my past, I've opted to utilize my hardships as stepping stones, boosting my quest of realizing the objectives I've set for my family.

Her large following responded to this article with kindness and encouragement, complimenting the mother on how she nurtured her fourteen kids.
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