Orphaned gorilla demands to be cuddled by his carer after being rescued

After being rescued, this adorable image of a young orphaned gorilla snuggling up to his caregiver was captured, according to pintiks.

The caring team in the nursery of the Limbe Wildlife Centre is taking care of Bobga, the baby Cameroonian gorilla. Bobga is shown snuggling with caretaker Alvin Muma, demonstrating the intimate relationship he has developed with the two of them.

When he's not playing with Alvin or other people in the nursery, Bobga has a sizable and secure area where he may hang out.

"It is crucial for an orphan gorilla, like Bobga, to feel comfortable and secure with his carer," explains Laura Craddock, the center's coordinator for fundraising and communications. "Here these photographs depict precious moments of repose between Bobga and one of his loyal caretakers, Alvin." Here is a video exhibiting Bobgas' routine maintenance:
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