Not only the dog but even you will also be touched by this touching reunion…!

Dog sure did miss you. That is unwavering love. What a unique love. They are glad to have reconnected. 

Golden Retriever Buddy, age 13, has known Hannah Foraker, her best buddy, for her whole life. When Hannah became 21 years old, she enrolled in the army and reported to basic training in Oklahoma.

After spending the previous three months in basic training, Hannah was eager to see Buddy when she came home for the holidays. Buddy was so thrilled to see Hannah again that she was unable to contain her delight. As soon as she sees Hannah again after a three-month absence, she buries her head in her lap and breaks down in tears of delight. Naturally moved, Hannah started to pet her cherished cat.

It's images like this that make you cry...

Buddy welcomed Hannah with the warmest greeting despite her advanced age, arthritis, and predominant deafness.

When we opened the front door, she rushed out to welcome me and my family but kind of took a step back before coming back to me, according to Foraker.

The dog is the animal that is most loyal. They show "Unconditional Love" to individuals they care about and never forget them.

This reunion of a dog and his closest buddy shows pure affection, and it serves as a wonderful greeting to both of them. It demonstrates that animals are also capable of emotion.

That is a unique love.

Dogs never forget and love forever, so thank God you come home. Godspeed to the couple. 

Thank you, puppy! Animals are very kind and affectionate... 

May God grant them a long and prosperous life together. 
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